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 [F] New York Times on the Web Forums  / Science  /

    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

Read Debates, a new Web-only feature culled from Readers' Opinions, published every Thursday.

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bbbuck - 10:33pm Nov 16, 2002 EST (# 5844 of 5855)
'What do you feel?'....'Stoned' - anya (emma caulfield)

Taking a rest from what? You haven't done anything that I can tell.

lunarchick - 01:45am Nov 17, 2002 EST (# 5845 of 5855)

Don't confuse a-rest-ed with attested!


Speaking on the arrested - a guy released from Guantanamo Cuba attested to a few holiday-camp nice-ities ...

    The men are woken at anytime day or night for interrogation sessions - sleep deprivation - mental torture - beaten on the souls of their feet
    The Arab men are taken onto the riffle range ... positioned ... and in the dark shot at by the American Soliders .... using blank bullets ... later slung back into their cells and water poured over them
    The men were handcuffed behind their backs and made to kneel ... hour after hour
    If they refused to cooperate they were put in the crucifixion position with arms outstretched until they collapsed in the sun
    The men are denied human rights and contact with their families
The end result of this sort of treatment?
Wait for Americans involved in dealing out this Nazi style punishment - so far from those 10commandements&StarStripeFlag they grew up with, to 'go crazy' and punish their own government and people ... that's the usual US-end result!


Many of these guys were soldiers - fighting with the Taliban - cultured and tolerated by the USA and recognised as the Official Afghanistan Government by them.

That David HICKS (Aussie) was in Afghanistan working with it's government would be of little surprise if we recall that the first 'T' of IT which was initially Telegraph (pre Telephone) was laid through the outback by the Afghans. Many central Australians are of Afghan origin - as attested by their name, culture and religion. The Cemetry in The Alice has a special section for the Afghan Muslim population. These guys brought camels to Australia - that are now shipped back to the ME as superior breeding stock.

On David HICKS ...
"Daoud taught all of us how to say 'G'day mate' when the guards came in. At first we thought it was an insult, so we all shouted it while spitting on the guards and throwing our food and water at them. The Arabs especially would insult the guards. Now I realise it was one of Daoud's Australian Jokes." Jan Mohammed Terror's Aussie touchThe Weekend Australian 16-17Nov2002

bbbuck - 01:49am Nov 17, 2002 EST (# 5846 of 5855)
'What do you feel?'....'Stoned' - anya (emma caulfield)

Does she ever post anything that makes sense?

lunarchick - 01:53am Nov 17, 2002 EST (# 5847 of 5855)

Beyond the Social Contract: Toward Global Justice Tanner Lectures Nussbaum

    The Lectures on Human Values are an authentic expression of the personalities and interests of Obert and Grace Tanner - their moral integrity, their generosity and compassion, their concern for peace and the public good, their commitment to reason and knowledge, their love of science, the arts and the humanities, and their passion for life.
    The purpose of the Tanner Lectures is to advance and reflect upon the scholarly and scientific learning relating to human values. This intention embraces the entire range of values pertinent to the human condition, interest, behavior, and aspiration. The lectures are published in an annual volume.

lunarchick - 01:54am Nov 17, 2002 EST (# 5848 of 5855)

Does he ever post anything that is sense - NEVER!

bbbuck - 01:57am Nov 17, 2002 EST (# 5849 of 5855)
'What do you feel?'....'Stoned' - anya (emma caulfield)

ahahaha... you gotta luv luneychick.

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 [F] New York Times on the Web Forums  / Science  / Missile Defense

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