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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lunarchick - 09:52pm Nov 11, 2002 EST (# 5648 of 5671)

I was talking to a German woman the other day. She didn't know that Prescott Bush (Banker) had much to do with supporting Hitler's regime.

She did know that the 'History Channel' when she was in the USA had 'Hitler' programmes running almost daily.

Seems an aspect of 'truth' was hidden.


Like father like son .... did this apply to Prescott and his CIA son ?


How does the current Bush actually 'think' ?

What is 'his' value system ?

Politicans pretend to be everything to all of the people most of the time ... but what's behind the smile ?

almarst2002 - 09:54pm Nov 11, 2002 EST (# 5649 of 5671)

The political economy of American militarism in the 21st century -

US plan for Iraq: Back to colonialism -

The war against Iraq and America’s drive for world domination -

lunarchick - 09:54pm Nov 11, 2002 EST (# 5650 of 5671)

Test Questions | Iraq : America

What does Iraq have to gain by allowing weapons inspection?

What does America have to gain by encouraging weapons inspection?

rshow55 - 09:55pm Nov 11, 2002 EST (# 5651 of 5671) Delete Message
Can we do a better job of finding truth? YES. Click "rshow55" for some things Lchic and I have done and worked for on this thread.

almarst2002 11/11/02 9:49pm

Some analogies can get you into a lot of trouble.

In a lot of cases - it is useful to compare and contrast cases.

There are some similarities to Munich and many differences.

What can be done to minimize the risks - and maximize the things to be hoped for?

A lot can be done.

The inspection regime should be made to work.

People should watch closely.

This is a time of both risks and opportunities.

I think the things to hope for are large - if we keep our heads, do things right - and learn to do sensible things even when we do feel fear, hatred and distrust.

As we often will.

rshow55 - 09:19am Nov 12, 2002 EST (# 5652 of 5671) Delete Message
Can we do a better job of finding truth? YES. Click "rshow55" for some things Lchic and I have done and worked for on this thread.

I do not think this was naive - though the hopes may be in the process of being stupidly destroyed:

5555 rshow55 11/8/02 5:56pm . . 5556 rshow55 11/8/02 5:57pm

And some simple thoughts about rationality are worth keeping in mind. It is not honorable to stupidly waste chances and embrace chaos and destruction.

It is honorable to deal with difficult situations - even ones that are sometimes embarrassing - so that a complex set of problems can be handled so that they "come out the other end" in ways that work better for everyone of reasonable good will, all over the world.

It makes sense, and is honorable, to think about what reasonable "bets" are - what reasonable actions are - when so much flesh and blood is at stake - now and for a long future.

On decision making as an "investment decision":
5591 rshow55 11/11/02 6:31pm ... 5592 rshow55 11/11/02 6:41pm

almarst2002 - 09:55am Nov 12, 2002 EST (# 5653 of 5671)


I don't believe in self-restrained benevolent overhelming power.

I do believe that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly.

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