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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 01:38pm Jul 9, 2002 EST (#2943 of 3052) Delete Message

Speaking for myself, I liked Bush's speech a good deal - - and liked the Democratic responses, as well.

A Democratic position, cited at the end of was hopeless, taken literally - but expressed a high ideal that we should be able to approach a lot more closely than now.

``Mr. President, with all due respect, accounting should be black and white, clear, precise and easy for every employee and every investor to understand,'' Gephardt said. ``We've got to get rid of the gray areas that exist today by eliminating conflicts of interests and ending corporate abuse once and for all.''

Such an effort, alas, is going to have to be enforced by fallible sinners. Bill Casey, if he were alive today, would be a good person to run an organization trying to do that -- for all his faults. And the Bush administration - which knows so much about corporate fraud and evasive information - might be especially well qualified to root them out.

What about boondoggles that involve not only questionable accounting about money flows, but also very questionable accounting about technical and strategic facts? Missile defense, for example.

lchic - 03:26pm Jul 9, 2002 EST (#2944 of 3052)

mAzzA said "It is Europe, {France is a big time contributor}, where anti-semitism and Nazi socialism is resurgent.

mAzzA - the WHITE PAPER i quoted from detailed the Nazi connections-USA.

The Nazi's put themselves into positions of power - right next to or integral with GOVERNMENT. Working in top postions in Banking and Commerce.

As was illustrated in the USA-instance.

The follow-up for you mAzzA was to determine the positioning and 'thought' processes of the USA-nazi today.

Who are they?
Where are they?
What are they thinking?


The 7 trillion surplus value of USA companies on the Stock Market is showing-up as the fiction it is.

The tax return to the USA RICH ... was based on a supposed surplus that doesn't exist.

Will the tax-back now resort to being paid in 'pretend money' ?

Or, will the poor American be furthur slugged to give the alread rich - (don't need it) - an increase in income.

As i said on the thread MD previously - the tax back ought to have been across the entire population - not 50% of it to the rich top 1%

Every citizen, prisoner to unregistered migrant, is a shareholder in the USA ... the dividend payouts when given should be to all! Those with lowest income have highest NEED.


If 'all' are shareholders and if the president is CEO and if as CEO of a company that failed - after he'd turned his shares to cash .... wouldn't the average person be looking closely at the way he has manipulated the economy to transfer wealth from the poor and average person to the super rich and to entrenched lobby groups - eg steel and agriculture (against trade agreement conditions).

lchic - 03:29pm Jul 9, 2002 EST (#2945 of 3052)

mAzzA - if you read above posts you would have noticed that the CIA used/uses a DALLAS bank ... as a National Organisation why does it bank in DALLAS ... is that oil land country .... one would expect a National organisation to bank in Washington DC - wouldn't one?!!

lchic - 03:35pm Jul 9, 2002 EST (#2946 of 3052)

USA 1950's


Russia gets money from Europe (also) for Nuke clean up!

rshow55 - 08:14pm Jul 9, 2002 EST (#2947 of 3052) Delete Message

There was an excellent TV show - a classic and a work of art. DALLAS

And a character who has entered into the collective imagination - - J. R. Ewing (played by Larry Hagman, son of Mary Martin, who played Peter Pan.)

The flexibility that Ewing utilized (and his environment tolerated) fits in interestingly with the stories of Nazi involvement in U.S. politics. And fits in well with a lot of the dealings of the Bush family, as well.

It makes sense to look hard at Texas oil land, Texas finance, and the question of how, exactly, the right wing of the Republican party became so well funded. And also how the United States military became so corrupted.

And religious leaders became so corrupted: Bush 2000 Adviser Offered To Use Clout to Help Enron By Joe Stephens Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, February 17, 2002

" Just before the last presidential election, Bush campaign adviser Ralph Reed offered to help Enron Corp. deregulate the electricity industry by working his "good friends" in Washington and by mobilizing religious leaders and pro-family groups . . .

MD158 rshow55 3/3/02 3:54pm

1318 rshow55 4/12/02 6:59pm

People of responsibility, all over the world, should be asking that things important to investment decisions - productivity -- responsibility - and peace be checked.

Watergate only scratched the surface, and there are things that need to be dealt with now.

MD2692-2695 rshow55 6/23/02 5:07pm

mazza9 - 10:25pm Jul 9, 2002 EST (#2948 of 3052)
Louis Mazza

Why now? I live in Dallas and we all guffawed at the Ewing Character. It is my understanding that Cornell types are more prone to lies, obfuscation and pedophilia. Comments?

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