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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 11:28pm Jul 8, 2002 EST (#2926 of 3052)

..... Major L. M. Bloomfield, a veteran of the OSS who resided in Montreal, was a suspect Garrison wanted to question. In Canada he reportedly controlled Credit Suisse, Heineken's Breweries, Israel Continental Company, Grimaldo Siosa Lines and other international firms. Shaw's name was found among eleven directors of a company in Montreal that actually was based in Rome. Who was giving the virtually unlimited money to CMC, and who was getting it? ....

lchic - 11:38pm Jul 8, 2002 EST (#2927 of 3052)

... The Dallas Republic National Bank was identified by the Washington Post, February 26, 1967, as a conduit of CIA funds since 1958. .... ....

...... The stock market dropped 24 points in 27 minutes when news of President Kennedy's assassination was announced. 2.6 million shares were sold off. It was the greatest panic since 1929.

Somebody made a huge profit selling short in many markets.

Somebody made half a billion dollars in one day. Coincidentally, the Allied Crude Vegetable Oil Refining Corporation, headed by New Jersey commodities dealer Anthony De Angeles, crashed the same day, driving the market down.

Allied Crude was controlled by U.S. American Bunge Corporation and financially controlled by a group of share-holders headquartered in Argentina, known as "Bunge and Born, LDA."

Business Week of October 19, 1963, one month before the Kennedy assassination, described the Born family in Argentina, the biggest shareholders for Bunge, as being from Europe, specifically Germany.

Everything about Bunge has German influence. They have a $2 billion annual business in 80 countries. There are over 110 offices, all linked by Telex and under-the-ocean telegraph channels. The Bunge Corporation is referred to as "the Octopus."

The book Were We Controlled? detailed the relationship of the Bunge Corporation, the foreknowledge of Kennedy's murder, and the Argentine-German connections. ......

lchic - 11:43pm Jul 8, 2002 EST (#2928 of 3052)

Is this General Walker - related to anyone now in power-USA?

    .... Kurt-George Kiesinger had just been installed as Chancellor of West Germany and Franz-Josef Straus as finance minister.
    Kiesinger entered the radio propaganda division of nazi Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop at age 36. He was then directing a world-wide radio propaganda apparatus with 195 specialists under his supervision during the war. He was the liaison officer, coordinating his department's work with that of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.
    Richard Nixon and Kurt-George Kiesinger were soon, or maybe before, to become pals. Nixon tried to hide his nazi past.
    But General Walker, now home from military service in Munich, knew the importance of such propaganda. He was calling the same people who, under Hitler, published and controlled the newspapers.
    There were two motives for this call.
    First, it gave international attention to the fact that Oswald, the Marxist gunman, was shooting at Walker as well as the President.
    General Walker knew too many people in the Defense Department and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that could be part of this assassination. He made himself appear as a victim instead of a suspect.
    The other reason, along with the expertise of Robert Morris's counter-intelligence and psychological warfare training, was to create a profile for Lee Harvey Oswald.

lchic - 11:47pm Jul 8, 2002 EST (#2929 of 3052)

Interesting extracts. Seems USA foreign policy has been out of 'joePublic's' control for half a century or more.

What is Nazism ... seems to be related to hate, greed and power ... and to be facilitated via an international network by those who put themselves into high political and commercail positions -- especially where they can manoeuver stocks and green-backs!

Wonder if there's info on the next 3-4 decades!

lchic - 11:58pm Jul 8, 2002 EST (#2930 of 3052)

Another time another place another Walker in a high position ... "Mr. Walker worked at Arthur Andersen" ... with great credentials

Is this National Auditor Walker related to anyone currently in the Whitehouse ... via the world of Who's Who! Probably not, yet it's always thought provoking to speculate.

lchic - 01:35am Jul 9, 2002 EST (#2931 of 3052)

Rewriting STOCK rules for executives

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