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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 11:07am Jun 22, 2002 EST (#2669 of 2677) Delete Message

Is gisterme a high officer in the Bush administration, or does gisterme have close connections to such an officer? I've assumed so. The government knows this answer. People at the NYT know whether or not they have assumed so, or known so. Legislators could probably know if they asked, and journalists could probably find out if they worked at it.

Does gisterme have a duty to get some key things checked? Some may disagree, but I think so.

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lchic - 12:47pm Jun 22, 2002 EST (#2670 of 2677)

Showalter on reading your poem one notes that you are against lies and torture :

    Redemption for all concerned,
    with a decent concern for all,
    with feelings felt and not denied,
    weights weighed, and not forgotten,
    needs of flesh, nerves, guts and mind
    all remembered, and workably in place
    with neither lies nor torture.

Perhaps you have met both!

lchic - 12:55pm Jun 22, 2002 EST (#2671 of 2677)

Author Benard lchic 6/22/02 12:06am spoke of the American-Russian policy inflicted on Afganistan ... bad policy - WRONG POLICY, that directly links - in my opinion, to the 9/11 situation.

She spoke of a policy that socially denuded afghanistan, that saw the USA backing and funding the weirdest whackos - leaving a void re the Education of the people. The mullars (weird-whakos) in turn pulled the young males out of society and under rote-learning instruction the males were taught to be rightWingFundamentalists with distorted viewpoints - such that they were indoctrinated to eliminate much that is female!

The torture and hurt suffered in Afghanistan resulted directly from bad USA foreign policy!

How did this cold-war foreign policy come about.

How much torture and suffering was resultant?

lchic - 01:03pm Jun 22, 2002 EST (#2672 of 2677)

Afghanistan and The MONROE DOCTRINE - is there a link?

Observers looking at the USA might question why Americans are seen to be 'inward' looking - without understanding of their countries foreign policy.

Was the Monroe Doctrine in part about foreign policy being with the nation's President-Administration .... rather than Congress.

Are there examples of foreign policy being thrashed out in Congress ..... or has it lapsed into a tradition of signing cheques ... much foreign policy being formulated by the non-elected Administration.

If American Foreign Policy has been outside the domain of public discussion, reportage, scrutiney ... within the world's foremost democracy ....

then what are 'in the street' Americans doing to lever improved controls over the actions of their 'commander-in-chief' ... if anything?

Perhaps Mike Moore's looking at this?!

rshow55 - 01:13pm Jun 22, 2002 EST (#2673 of 2677) Delete Message

Lchic's very often right.

I'm hopeful! Gonna go see a movie, and rest a little, before responding at more length.

Working out what is true and checkable, would be straightforward, given a little courage, and would permit a lot to be handled safely, justly, and fairly gracefully.

MD2639 rshow55 6/20/02 12:57pm ... MD2640 rshow55 6/20/02 12:58pm
MD2641 rshow55 6/20/02 1:00pm ...

lchic - 04:32pm Jun 22, 2002 EST (#2674 of 2677)

US Economy - The Economist

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