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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 01:50pm Jun 20, 2002 EST (#2642 of 2669) Delete Message

I sometimes suspect that there are people who read this thread - and in Ithaca, I came across a few who I'm sure had done so.

It is easy enough to post here.

If anyone has a coherent reason why I'm being either unreasonable, unfair, unpatriotic, or unnecessarily difficult -- I'd like to hear about it.

lchic - 04:52pm Jun 20, 2002 EST (#2643 of 2669)

Post Here:
Finding a trash bin in which to deposit the left-over paper cone is the usually the most gratifying part of the entire cotton candy expreience

rshow55 - 07:05pm Jun 20, 2002 EST (#2644 of 2669) Delete Message

gisterme 6/20/02 4:05am includes this:

You consistently refer to "issues" that can be soved, "problems" that don't seem too difficult to solve, ones you can't solve alone...but, you just as consistently fail to mention just what those might be.

Perhaps I haven't been responsive enough to that question, but here are some points related to problems I think I could help solve, if permitted.
MD2591 rshow55 6/17/02 8:21am

Tomorrow, I'll make a list, on the assumption that I'll be able, one way or another, to resolve questions about title to my my work in ways that are functional. With credentials that are workable, in the world as it is.

I continue to think that my concerns, and the reasonable concerns of the other parties in interest could be well served if the U.S. government agreed to do what Bill Casey promised me and the AEA investors, or something equivalent in the ways that matter. Credentialling, properly done, might be enough for me as an individual, but it would leave a blazing injustice to the AEA investors unadressed - something I'd like to avoid - and that I think the federal government ought to want to avoid. ,

Major parties in interest, I believe, include the academic community, the University of Wisconsin, and especially people in the neurosciences, in early education, and in the applied parts of mathematics and engineering. I think, by now, that The New York Times is a party in interest, too.

I think people concerned about the survival of the world are a party of interest also - - there are things I'd like to know had been adequately checked.

There's been some progress.

lchic - 09:27pm Jun 20, 2002 EST (#2645 of 2669)

Interesting how The Speed of Change has been a major issue regarding human resource readiness for the past decade ... yet the speed of change resultant from ineffective process and ineffectual leaderships at National and Environmental levels is seen more as an 'Act of God'.

rshow55 - 09:38pm Jun 20, 2002 EST (#2646 of 2669) Delete Message

The messes are not "acts of God" -- they are "acts of Man."

Man can fix them. Man has to.

Suppose God couldn't?

Think of the mechanics of the situation - count the miracles required, if there are many miracles at all.

People have to solve their own problems, if the problems are to be solved at all.

Doesn't look so difficult to me. But sometimes I worry. These days, it is a tiresome show.

What if God got tired of the show?

Do things really have to be so ugly?

How about some good judgement? That's that last word in a sermon I like a lot -- just the last minute or so is worth hearing ...

We have Arbor Day. Labor Day. President's day. Mother's day. Father's day.

What about judgement day?

We could celebrate it every year - to commemorate the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Nice to think about, seems to me.

wanderer85us - 09:48pm Jun 20, 2002 EST (#2647 of 2669)
All generalizations are false.

There is no god.

lchic - 09:55pm Jun 20, 2002 EST (#2648 of 2669)

Judgement or 'criteria referenced' self-assessments of progress?

rshow55 - 10:00pm Jun 20, 2002 EST (#2649 of 2669) Delete Message

Maybe not, but I'm knocking off, having a beer, and eating dinner.

lchic - 03:52am Jun 21, 2002 EST (#2650 of 2669)

Tomorrow is another day ...

lchic - 04:19am Jun 21, 2002 EST (#2651 of 2669)

TT from yesterdays GU,4273,4435731,00.html

TT thread

Tomorrow is more than 'just' another day .. it's the day of the year that was of special concern to Shakespearian dreaming!

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