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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 01:45pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2598 of 2610) Delete Message

Some movie people might be able to do a lot --- if they had the right story.

Lchic knows a lot about stories and poetry. She found , which is a MASTERPIECE.

MD120-122 lchic 3/2/02 6:51pm

MD147 rshow55 3/3/02 10:42am ... MD148 lchic 3/3/02 11:02am
MD149 lchic 3/3/02 11:06am ... MD150 rshow55 3/3/02 11:15am
MD151rshow55 3/3/02 11:18am ... MD152 rshow55 3/3/02 11:56am

lchic - 01:46pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2599 of 2610)

Showalter i've tracked down your poems .. some may have slightly new addresses:

Showalter's Poems

chain breakers

In Clear rshowalter "Science News Poetry" 2/14/01 7:18am

Learning to Stand

Secular Redemption

rshow55 - 01:57pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2600 of 2610) Delete Message

Learning to Stand . . . . I owe a LOT to lchic !

I was paralyzed before she took me in hand, and helped me work out the things in Paradigm Shift - Whose Getting there? . . things that had stumped Steve Kline and I completely.

lchic - 02:19pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2601 of 2610)

Hard to figure out why the USA masocistically denied/denies itself your valuable intellectual contribution Showalter!

lchic - 02:39pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2602 of 2610)

I was interested to read how Watergate (1972) lead to the cutting back of executive powers in the US.

Looking in on the USA it seems the Executive hold areas that include 'foreign policy' -- it would be so much 'safer' on a 9/11 basis were their fp a matter for open congress debates - into which all sectors of the US community might input.

It can be seen looking at the world that there is really no such thing as 'security' ... security is a factor that has to exist in 100% of heads - expressed as 'confidence' in a fair systems throughout the world.

Truth and Fairness may run together.

rshow55 - 02:43pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2603 of 2610) Delete Message

Things may be working out. My last conversation with a CIA officer went well, I thought. If I am, in fact completely unshackled . . . then I can do a lot !

The issue, now, is getting the "agreement" documented, in some way that is satisfactory enough for use, when I can't get a determination on paper (something they say they don't do, and I can believe they don't do very often.)

I'm wondering -- if I have some journalists and politicians call this CIA person -- can I get verifications, indirect but nevertheless solid enough to use? If so, I've made great progress.

Here's one of a number of tests for me. Can I go into the Russian embassy, and make a pitch for a movie deal? MD1229 rshow55 4/10/02 9:59am

Or make a proposal for a business deal involving some of my other technical work - including some that might have some military as well as commercial applications?

If the answer is "no, you're restricted" -- I have a problem.

I'm not sure, now, that I have a problem -- but some progress is being made toward finding out, it seems to me.

rshow55 - 02:46pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2604 of 2610) Delete Message

Truth, fairness, efficiency and clarity often run together - - very often when relationships of procedures have to be changed.

Lies paralyze. Without fairness, people are much more prone to lie and evade -- and paralyze others and themselves.

Gotta go to a meeting . . .

lchic - 02:51pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2605 of 2610)

..... reach for the stars :)

rshow55 - 05:07pm Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2606 of 2610) Delete Message

Very good:

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