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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 08:19am Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2589 of 2592) Delete Message

Postings by gisterme on this thread since March 1, 2002:

MD38 gisterme 3/1/02 9:26pm ... MD719 gisterme 3/20/02 1:41pm
MD722 gisterme 3/20/02 2:22pm ... MD758 gisterme 3/22/02 12:58pm
MD764 gisterme 3/22/02 1:34pm ... MD905 gisterme 3/28/02 3:41pm
MD1234 gisterme 4/10/02 2:06pm ... MD1242 gisterme 4/11/02 1:55am
MD1243 gisterme 4/11/02 3:24am ... MD1245 gisterme 4/11/02 5:29am
MD1247 gisterme 4/11/02 5:57am ... MD1249 gisterme 4/11/02 6:06am
MD1250 gisterme 4/11/02 6:07am

A response to gisterme from me: MD1255 rshow55 4/11/02 7:32am

MD1281 gisterme 4/12/02 3:00am ... MD1282 gisterme 4/12/02 3:15am
MD1283 gisterme 4/12/02 3:52am ... MD1296 gisterme 4/12/02 1:49pm
MD1297 gisterme 4/12/02 1:52pm ... MD1301 gisterme 4/12/02 3:45pm
MD1314 gisterme 4/12/02 5:15pm ... MD1315 gisterme 4/12/02 5:21pm
MD1316 gisterme 4/12/02 5:23pm ... MD1317 gisterme 4/12/02 5:27pm
MD1325 gisterme 4/13/02 3:32am ... MD1326 gisterme 4/13/02 3:44am

MD2137 gisterme 5/10/02 3:44am ... MD2138 gisterme 5/10/02 3:53am
MD2180 gisterme 5/13/02 1:25am ... MD2181 gisterme 5/13/02 2:57am

rshow55 - 08:20am Jun 17, 2002 EST (#2590 of 2592) Delete Message

MD2565 rshow55 6/16/02 8:34am includes this:

The most key point in my last week's conversation with CIA is expressed in the following statement - a statement dictated to me emphatically, forcefully, by a C.I.A. official. The statement is well connected, I feel, with material in the TIMES today. Here is that statement:

" C.I.A. has no interest in any of M.Robert Showalter's material."

(in my notes I have "my" rather than "M. Robert Showalter" - but the statement just above, with that sustitution, clear in context - was clearly and forcefully repeated.)

What can the bolded words above reasonably mean? If "to have no interest" means " not to care" - I'd find the phrase inconsistent with the reasonable and probable. I believe most other people would, as well, if they consider what has been said and done.

If "to have no interest" means "to have no title in, no property values in, no special right to control" then I find the statement reasonable, and a statement that may be the basis for acceptable, practical, honorable conduct for all involved.

There are some facts that can be established, from the evidence of this thread. C.I.A. may not care about any of my material. However, from time to time, gisterme has shown evidence of caring. And, by a reasonable "collection of dots" and "connection of dots," gisterme may reasonably be judged to have clear links, and high ones, with the Bush administration.

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