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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 04:55pm Jun 2, 2002 EST (#2439 of 2449) Delete Message

There are days and weeks when it is pleasure to read the TIMES, and when it seems to me that reasonable things may be getting done, reasonable things may be being tried, and the world may yet get better. MD2428 rshow55 5/30/02 1:46pm .... I feel that way again today - a lot of things seem to me to be going well, dangerous as the world remains.

Almarst's question of last year ... "What are the reasons today for hostility between nations? is an absolutely fundamental one - and we don't know enough, now, to answer it in the detail we need for decent action. But since the time he asked the question, there's been progress. Perhaps we're learning, and maybe even learning fairly fast.

MD213 rshow55 3/5/02 11:11am ... MD214 rshow55 3/5/02 11:38am
MD215 rshow55 3/5/02 11:41am ... MD216 rshow55 3/5/02 11:49am
MD218 rshow55 3/5/02 12:25pm ...

Russia is working to be useful, taking a role in the interest of the whole world, and may be making headway.

Pakistani Leader Says Putin May Help Start Dialogue With India By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

India's Leader Says He Won't Meet Musharraf at Conference By REUTERS

The situation in Kashmir is very dangerous, but nonetheless, there is better communication than there has been, and people may be waking up to the dangers enough to avoid them.

It seems to me that a lot of generally hopeful, sensible things are happening about the middle east, as well.

It is hard for me to look at the things in the news today, as written up in the NYT, and not feel hopeful. I thought both the main paper and the WEEK IN REVIEW section were full of wonderful stuff.

On 5 May, lchic and I did a two hour, 70 post session on negotiation in the middle east in the Guardian thread Anything on Anything from to on negotiating tactics that could use the internet, and then last week, we talked about using the internet and logic to help get to, and explain, facts and ideas that people could agree to. Paradigm Shift .... whose getting there? from to

I don't know if these things were useful, or even read -- but they do reflect some of the new opportunities that come with the web. Judging from the news, it seems possible that some people with influence may be taking advantage of those opportunities.

Some of these opportunities will have pain and awkwardness attached, and there will sometimes be need for some ideas I thought were powerfully expressed in a very practical piece: Beyond Justice: The Eternal Struggle to Forgive By DEAN E. MURPHY

MD2352 rshow55 5/22/02 4:41pm

MD2353 rshow55 5/22/02 4:46pm

lchic 5/22/02 4:39pm . . I have a feeling, sometimes, that after all this work - - there could be a lot of good coming. . . . . Sometimes it has been a nightmare -- but just a few times, I've felt

Wow! This is just the sort of thing Casey hoped might be accomplished -- with things coming into focus, and things getting sorted out.

rshow55 - 04:57pm Jun 2, 2002 EST (#2440 of 2449) Delete Message

I was away last week, and when I got back home, there was a call on my answering machine logically connected to a high officer in the CIA - something I hope can be useful for sorting out some problems of my own. We'll see.

lchic - 05:16pm Jun 2, 2002 EST (#2441 of 2449)

If the SubContinet had 'vision' they would be working towards a long term plan to establish themselves as an integrated commercially functioning zone.

Placing a million men on a border has 'costs' ... if these countries can waste resources (that could be better spent) playing games .. the question is what rights have they to look to international aid?

What are the factors related to poverty/low aggregate living standards - poor leadership, misuse of resources, bad planning, silly wars ?

Time for the SubContinent to put it's eye on the horizon - improve the people's lot and develop commercial enterprises that help these nations grow ... isn't beautiful kashmire supposed to be an A1 tourist destination!?

rshow55 - 06:32pm Jun 2, 2002 EST (#2442 of 2449) Delete Message

In a Paradise Torn by Feuding Giants, Kashmiris Long for Independence By RAYMOND BONNER Most Kashmiris appear not to want to be part of Pakistan, and want nothing to do with India, either. They want independence for Kashmir.

lchic - 10:47pm Jun 2, 2002 EST (#2443 of 2449)

If harrassed Kashmire was smart it would quantitatively measure this harrassment, convert it into a huge cash figure and send India and Pakistan demands for payment related to:

    death, injury, suffering, psychological harm, destruction of habitat, loss of commerce
Why suffer in silence? The UN could be brought in to check! In this way they might change the strategies and policies of both neighbours!

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