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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 01:36pm May 25, 2002 EST (#2388 of 2432)

Doctor Helen Caldicott

(Australia) says the US-RU arms treaty is a FRAUD
  • Says the psychology of those in charge of decisions re relalitations from Nuclear Attack is skewed - they need serious and immediate attention - before we loose our world!
  • Says Nukes should take the lead on the front page of every paper - every day - until the world is safe.
  • Asks - what happened to 'The Church' .. shouldn't the safety and survial of mankind be their first priority!
  • Says father Bush, at least did do things to improve nuclear safety, recalls her listening to Bush (Yale) at the kid's graduation ... she rates him lower than Reagan .. says Cheney is actually the President .. says BushW would not have the sense to determine not to push the button to nuke the world .... says another of the Bush clicke is a psychopath ... says there's a real problem with 'men's minds' .. she'd run a clinic for them!
The New Nuclear Danger: George W. Bush's Military Industrial Complex -- Helen Caldicott; Paperback cover

If You Love This Planet : A Plan to Heal the Earth -- Helen Caldicott; Paperback

Nuclear Madness : What You Can Do -- Helen, M.D. Caldicott; Paperback see

lchic - 01:10am May 26, 2002 EST (#2389 of 2432)

GU: Don't wag your finger at us, Mr Bush

Henry Porter, a proud friend of America, reluctantly concludes that the President must listen more and lecture less if he is to win Europe's support.,11581,722410,00.html

supersnooper58 - 09:46am May 26, 2002 EST (#2390 of 2432)

I especially love the protesors sign in this article. She does have a point, don't you think?

supersnooper58 - 11:38am May 26, 2002 EST (#2391 of 2432)

I could agree more.............

lchic - 05:06pm May 26, 2002 EST (#2392 of 2432)


    'Bush |little boy | the world | is not | your toy'

lchic - 05:20pm May 26, 2002 EST (#2393 of 2432)


    Put a 2hour-hardworked-post into cyberspace two days ago - links related to misconceptions/news here .. had read 3previous days of postings on this MD thread ... included WTO, competitive advantage, etc ... if it's still floating ...

lchic - 09:07pm May 26, 2002 EST (#2394 of 2432)

Bollywood/golden rule ...
Art to the rescue?

Filmakers might take a stance regarding the need for peace and harmony in the subContinent ...
a whole series of blockbusters re-aligning political thinking
'Could be produced at budget cost ... and were the stories inspiring ...
hearts minds will heros truths ... etc
Would educate helping to 'save the world' from nuclear madness!

mazza9 - 09:15pm May 26, 2002 EST (#2395 of 2432)
Louis Mazza


"Band of Brothers" was just such a series. The 101st Airborne fought for and freed France and the rest of Europe.


lchic - 07:35am May 27, 2002 EST (#2396 of 2432)

Didn't make 'the world' - yet!

lchic - 09:19am May 27, 2002 EST (#2397 of 2432)

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