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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 07:53pm May 12, 2002 EST (#2174 of 2190) Delete Message

Did do more today on gisterme's technical questions, as I said I would in rshow55 5/11/02 8:39pm . But mostly I got sidetrackecked on economic-organizational questions, stimulated by these wonderful, important, thought provoking pieces.

With Markets Flawed, Enron's Tactics May Live On By JOSEPH KAHN

The Long Boom Shows Its Ugly Side By DAVID LEONHARDT

Does Energy Deregulation Still Make Sense? By ALEX BERENSON

Suppose (just as a thought experiment) that we knew for certain, next year, that an essentially infinite source of pressurized hydrogen were available, at equatorial ocean sources, for a price per energy equivalent (as hydrogen - far from markets) of $10/ barrel. (or some other price) after scaling to very large production. ( 1% of the world's energy consumption would be very large scale production.)

That resource would be worthless without more. Big investments would be required - in the "best of all worlds" what would those investments cost? Would the amortized cost, per barrel equivalent, permit a reasonable return? Gisterme raises engineering questions related to that question -

I've been sidetracked with other questions - that apply to the less than perfect world we live in. One question is "who would pay?" Another question is -- what would the innovation do to the value of current assets? Could holders of assets that might be devalued stop the development?

They might. If you read the articles linked just above, you can see that they might.

Some pretty careful negotiations might have to be involved. A leader like Putin might be indispensible to make such a deal possible.

More on gisterme's engineering problems tomorrow.

One thing that's clear is that, no matter how it was done, phase in of the new source would take many years - and prodigious amounts of both investment and good engineering. But there seem to be many ways of tackling the engineering challenges involved - and nothing like the impossible tolerances of "missile defense" seem to be involved.

More tomorrow.

lchic - 10:00pm May 12, 2002 EST (#2175 of 2190)

Who pays?
most often
User Pays

lchic - 10:13pm May 12, 2002 EST (#2176 of 2190)

American ABC have taken to looking at the fate of Palestinian/RefugeeCamp MEast children - the fourth generation of Stateless-refugee kids afforded poor provision and no world status as expressed through passport ownership.

Wondering why the USA has been so lob-sided wrt the MEast ... does it boil down to the fact that

  • the powerbrokers who put-in politicians
  • are the pipers who call the tune ?!?
  • The money buys the loyalty of the politician
  • post funding the election of the same
  • The politician is then 'owned'
  • The 'power' may also sway the media
  • via ownership of the same

    Only 6% of the US population is Jewish - and if they have the same wisdom and intelligence as those elsewhere then the approval rating for current Israeli tactics would only be 50% ... bring it down to 3% of the American-Jewish populations who are staunch Sharon supporters.

    As MikeMoore might rationalise - 97% of the US population aren't for Sharon.

    $10million per day to Israel, sanctioned by 3% of the US population - is hard to justify!!

    lchic - 10:17pm May 12, 2002 EST (#2177 of 2190)

    Carter made it to Cuba - Castro in a suit looks more American than either Sharon or Arafat!

    A question for the USA and Cuba is
    Has a succession plan been put in place - post demise of Castro?

    If not -- think back to Tito!

    Wonder if young Etien has entered 'Presidential School' yet?
    Just floating a rubber duckie here :)

    lchic - 10:18pm May 12, 2002 EST (#2178 of 2190)

    Africa - Geldof

    lchic - 10:35pm May 12, 2002 EST (#2179 of 2190)

    UK funding : conflict of Interest? No! *?,11893,714620,00.html

    gisterme - 01:25am May 13, 2002 EST (#2180 of 2190)

    lchic 5/10/02 9:18am

    "Missiles used only in passing are major worry."

    My reference is to words used in passing, lchic not missiles, thank God. Get a grip. No wonder you seem so confused most of the time...

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