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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 04:12pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2092 of 2114)

Note: Which ever side he joins he will be a 'terrorist' ... quelle dilemma!

lchic - 04:17pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2093 of 2114)

Bethlehem ...
Italy renaged - because they said they had not been consulted (by UK USA) re people in the church.

mazza9 - 04:46pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2094 of 2114)
Louis Mazza

Every time an Arab country has attacked Israel they've gotten their clock cleaned.

Isn't interesting that, in the case of Egypt, a peace initiative was pursued, a treaty signed, and peace has prevailed for almost 20 years. The extremist Arab reponse was to kill Sadat. Do you see the parallels.

I would love to see "General" Arafat conduct a traditional, by the rules of war, exercise against the Israelis. He'd be squealing like the pig that he is within 72 hours.

But hey, lchic and manjumicha2001 have the right idea. kill the innocents. Don't let anyone misinterpret the slime we are/can be. Say lchic, why are you burning synagogues. Isn't that dangerous. Wouldn't it be more appropriate for you to attack maternity wards? Heck, you can kill more Jews per square meter if you go after pregnant women and babies. Your kinda warfare. Kill the weak and helpless. Yep, MINNEA PLO IS!

Have a nice day baby killers.


manjumicha2001 - 05:50pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2095 of 2114)

That's right, Lou

Since we are all baby-killers, except a self-righteous bigot such as yourself, I don't have to presume moral superiority when speaking to Ichic (although I do disagree with his/her softy angles most of the time). But stink to high heavens (everyone can smell it except yourself, such olfactory disruption being the primary side effects of being a self-righteous bigot) and I just love to burst your bubbles as much as I can. So tell me, you fake-warrier, how many baby-killers did you cheer on this morning besides us?

manjumicha2001 - 05:53pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2096 of 2114)

oops, let me rephrase the many "traditional, by the rules of war, exercise" did you cheer on this morning? Now I happen to believe in the usefulness of warfare so don;t be shy about it (I wouldn;t condemn the war-cheering like Ichic does)

manjumicha2001 - 05:59pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2097 of 2114)

Because arab babies don;t count as babies in your sick mind, they are just mere ghosts screaming in your dreams to be chased away by a good shot of whisky. So enjoy your kosher baby killings (and occasionally, moms too as a bonus).

manjumicha2001 - 05:59pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2098 of 2114)

IDF special, that is !

mazza9 - 06:22pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2099 of 2114)
Louis Mazza

"So tell me, you fake-warrier, how many baby-killers did you cheer on this morning besides us?"

Big time Freudian Slip HUH?

All Babies count. You choose to put words in my mouth which in all likelyhood actually displays your prejudices. Isn't that the human way? When you can get past the mine yours muck which colors all human relations and learn to compromise then maybe negotiated rapproachment can be obtained. It worked with Egypt.

It's time for the Arab League to straigten up this mess, stop teaching hate and find accomodation.


manjumicha2001 - 07:41pm May 8, 2002 EST (#2100 of 2114)

You wouldn't know Freud if he slapped you in the face. So please refrain from using a big word like Freudian slip for Freud's sake.

So please explain, Mr. Warrier, when is the killing of babies kosher in your proper war-by the-book? How about when IDF shoots missiles at a house or a bilding that it "knows" houses womem and children and that it "thinks" might also harbor so-called terrorists (or as more objective observers call, armed men fighting IDF invasion of their hood) and it blows up everything in it, is that a baby killing? or kosher baby-killing that can be excused by the likes of you?

Please enlighten me, Mr. Mazza

PS: To prevent your diversion, let me state that I think any arab goons blowing up jewish babies are just that, baby-killers (whether kosher or not in their books). So don;t pull "how about arabs this and that" kind of "bovine-excretion" tricks....

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