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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 03:43pm May 6, 2002 EST (#2055 of 2076) Delete Message

People in fear of their lives, especially if they are tired, or imperfectly trained, do ugly, stupid things. Happens in all wars.

People also act out of hate - or even kill on whim.

They also lie.

Or lie to themselves -- or don't remember.

At least these soldiers had to see what they'd done. And others saw what they'd done. People should remember how often deaths every bit as unjustifiable are dealt from the skies.

Good reason to negotiate - clarify - talk - and avoid conflict when it is possible. Soldiers, full of emotion and in fear of their lives, often do terrible things. But the most terrible thing is putting them into the position where the mayhem happens.

Interesting lines on the cover of the NYT Book Review this week.:

" He Never Came Out of the Cold "

mazza9 - 05:35pm May 6, 2002 EST (#2056 of 2076)
Louis Mazza


I can understand an honest mistake. Can you?

When you dress up as IDF soldiers and go from house to house killing Jews, including a 5 year old, this is a WAR CRIME! Check out you Geneva convention.


manjumicha2001 - 07:51pm May 6, 2002 EST (#2057 of 2076)


You commander-in-chief, President Sharon, has arrived. He had an audiance with his secretary of state, Powell, in his hotel room today (Powell got slapped around a bit for not handling his Arab charges better) and tommorrw is due to visit his secretary of defense, Rumsfeld, to coordinate the long term strategic coordination between IDF and Rummy's troops about how to kick some more Arab (fill in the blank). In the mean time, he will order some checks to be written fast to pay for a mini building boom about to happen in Israel proper (yes Judea and Samaria included) due to some "damages" incurred to clean up the street for the last month or so. Checks will be drawn from the US treasury which accumulates the assets collected from his US subjects....uhh...colonials in case you are still confused.

You must be tickled to death with joy and happiness for seeing your General Sharon assuming his rightful throne in DC at last. In the mean time, that guy, yes, the minister of colonial education, Bush Jr., is running quite scared somewhere in the local elementary school, muttering something about how his father got scrwed for double-crossing Sharon and his friends in 1990. The Boy Minister got so shaken up by the slapping his dad got from Sharon's friends (i.e. sharon's deputized governers of the colonial USA led by Bill Safire of NYT being the colonial secretary of propaganda) that he never recovered his lost proficiency in spoken they say.

Huray, Sharon, Huray, Natanahoo (or whatever his anglicized English spelling is)....and Hurray, Lou, our fake veteran draped in an American flag that he sold out.

mazza9 - 10:16pm May 6, 2002 EST (#2058 of 2076)
Louis Mazza

I am American. I support the Israeli defense of their homeland just as I support our efforts to eradicate the terrorists wherever they exist.

The PLO behavior is not human. I ask you, what is it about their behavior that suggests humane treatment?

Today I saw interesting statistics regarding the Arab support of the PLO. The US, through its UN dues pays far and away the majority of PLO support while the Arab nations provide about 16%. Maybe if the PLO had a better leader their sorrows would be over.


lchic - 11:06pm May 6, 2002 EST (#2059 of 2076)

World's largest open air prison

    The Israeli peace plan - if that is what it can be called - is almost certainly a much shorter document than that on Mr Arafat's alleged terrorism. Some clues to its contents can be found in a speech that Mr Sharon gave last month to a conference of Aipac, the pro-Israeli lobbying group.
    The plan, he said, contains three phases: "A complete cessation of violence, hostilities, and especially incitement which leads to violent terrorist acts; "A long-term intermediate agreement, similar to an armistice; "A permanent agreement, in which Israel's final borders and the Palestinians' final borders, will be established, ending the conflict between us and the Palestinians, and the Arab countries."
    Just how long term the "intermediate" phase would be can be seen from a TV interview given by Mr Sharon last week in which he proposed to erect a multi-billion shekel barrier (paid for, he hoped, by the United States), well outside Israel's 1967 borders, confining the Palestinian population to what - in effect - would be the world's largest open-air prison.

lchic - 11:09pm May 6, 2002 EST (#2060 of 2076)

mAzzA you purport to be American ... but talk Double-Dutch ... until you've been on 'The News Hour' we wouldn't know! mazza9 5/6/02 10:16pm :)

lchic - 05:48am May 7, 2002 EST (#2061 of 2076)

Artillery $cut

lchic - 07:16am May 7, 2002 EST (#2062 of 2076)

mazza9 - 10:49am May 7, 2002 EST (#2063 of 2076)
Louis Mazza




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