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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 06:54pm May 4, 2002 EST (#2008 of 2043) Delete Message

Prior negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians have failed to close - though sometimes people have felt that agreement was "almost in reach."

If the things now possible on the internet had been fully used at the time, could those negotiations have closed?

Many of the problems would have been much less.

. . .

If people did a "blow by blow" of what worked, and what didn't, in those negotiatinos, and asked --

"how could the internet have helped?

they'd find, I think, that most of the impasses could have been better handled.

One major advantage would have been that people wouldn't have had to be in the same room to state their case. Not initially. Not always. Cases could be put side by side. People would have time to think (and time to cool down) in ways meetings and step-by-step negotiations don't permit.

People using the internet can arrange to do, for groups, many of the things that the human brain does to correllate and make sense of information in individual minds. So that "meetings of the mind" become possible that were not possible before. Properly staffed and used, the internet can handle, and shape to human needs, levels of complexity totally intractable before. With staffing, it can provide clarity, and tailored, checkable summaries not possible before.

An advantage is that one web site can use another web site, or many other web sites, as a database. So that information can be organized in MANY ways, for different purposes. For example, I sometimes use a Guardian thread to organize references to this thread, and vice versa.

Long chains of discourse can be summarized concisely MD14-15 rshow55 3/1/02 7:07pm . . and reasons for what is said can be set out, in as much detail as the people involved need - with means for "collecting the dots" and "connecting the dots" so that people can agree about facts and relations - - or disagree for clear reasons.

rshow55 - 06:55pm May 4, 2002 EST (#2009 of 2043) Delete Message

lchic 5/4/02 6:26pm . . . and hiding is harder than it used to be - and more easily penalized.

lchic - 07:08pm May 4, 2002 EST (#2010 of 2043)

Ok so things may not be hidden very deeply ... they're just below the suface - yet don't

lchic - 07:11pm May 4, 2002 EST (#2011 of 2043)

bennieray "The Economy (A Moderated Forum)" 5/3/02 12:21pm

rshow55 - 07:12pm May 4, 2002 EST (#2012 of 2043) Delete Message

A lot is "just below the surface" -- but it has to be collected. Summarized. Questioned. Considered. By the people actually involved, with the concerns thay have. And the emotions they have, as well.

lchic - 07:37pm May 4, 2002 EST (#2013 of 2043)

And NOT participating in International Agreements is a way of limiting discussion that rakes up the past, thus protecting key people --- even though the BEST interests of the USA would be to be IN the world and show LEADERSHIP. So again the real question is - with respect to each treaty that's bypassed - WHO is being PROTECTED and from WHICH/WHAT previous actions?

lchic - 06:59am May 5, 2002 EST (#2014 of 2043)

Bush has no concern for Human Rights even within the USA,6903,710335,00.html

lchic - 07:10am May 5, 2002 EST (#2015 of 2043)

Arafat : Power struggle

Our correspondent in Gaza says there is pressure from many fronts for a real government which reflects a cross section of the society, and an end to governing by favours. .... There is also widespread expectation that moderates, including Hanan Ashrawi, will be brought in from the cold and given ministries.

Mr Arafat himself has at least four ministries in addition to his presidency

lchic - 07:13am May 5, 2002 EST (#2016 of 2043)

In Ramallah, the

    Egyptian Foreign Minster, Ahmed Maher and Osama al-Baz, a political adviser to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, arrived for talks with the Palestinian leader.

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