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 [F] New York Times on the Web Forums  / Science  /

    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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cantabb - 08:36am Oct 31, 2003 EST (# 16043 of 16046)

rshow55 - 08:16am Oct 31, 2003 EST (# 16040 of 16041)

Cantabb , the world is lucky to have Lchic - she's beautiful - and she shows a very important virtue empathy (see below) - where you sometimes fall short. [added]

My failing, according to YOU, is noted.

The question was: Posting on-topic. Postings that make sense. Free of cliches and faux-Zen conundrums. Rest is your opinion, unsubstantiated as usual.

Empathy is basic - everybody really knows what it feels like to be lied to - and to have things mess up because you believe the lies.

Most people know that already. More links, I see.

I'm trying to figure out how to be fair myself. One thing seems clear to me. If anyone at The New York Times Company asked me to do a job - and paid my expenses - I'd feel obligated (and honored) to work for free - for quite a lot of time. I have no whiff of a feeling they'd want anything of the kind. But if they did, I'd owe them that, beyond any question.

NOT relevant here. Doubt any average NYT reader would be interested in personal unsubstantiated claims.

A project I'd love to work on would be figuring out how they could use their power, within American usages, to make more money honorably.

Ask them. How is it relevant to this MD Forum ?

Specifically, I'd love to help them find a way to get recompayment from the government for much or all of the direct and opportunity costs of this thread. Public spirit has reasonable limits - and this has been a very big effort for them - on a basis not entirely of their own making. Solving that problem for them ( if they see it as a problem ) might help me solve some other problems.

Send in a job application ! Like anyone else, including an average NYT reader, would do (on his/her own, without a need for public airing of this interest or desire).

rshow55 - 08:18am Oct 31, 2003 EST (# 16041 of 16041)

Moscow Freezes Billions in Stock of Oil Producer By STEVEN LEE MYERS and ERIN E. ARVEDLUND is an interesting piece, and makes me think of these things from this thread.

A section before Lchic posted "the moment of Effective Truth," 12402-3 ...speaks of the ....."job of figuring out how America could be, in some unavoidable ways, a "command economy" while also maintaining the freedoms and excellences of a free counry. (I'd written a paper with some connections to those problems as an intern at Ernst and Ernst the summer of 1967, and he (Eisenhower) had read it. )

America had to be both a competent command economy and a free democracy. It was a "contradiction" that he felt we had to find a way to sustain workably and gracefully. I think he was right about that. We haven't dealt with is workably and gracefully yet, and need to. That connects to ....Moscow Freezes Billions in Stock of Oil Producer By STEVEN LEE MYERS and .......The Yukos affair has highlighted a central political struggle in Russia between reform-minded officials favoring a market economy and others, often with a background in the security services, who are determined to retain a strong dose of state control. Mr. Putin has been trying to steer a course between the two.

People involved might review the government boards that reviewed (and forcefully revised) government contracts, including military contracts, deemed to have worked out unfairly during the Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy administrations. I think Eisenhower's worked best.

Disjointed, incoherent and largely irrelevant.

I don't see that extra sleep helped you much.

cantabb - 08:43am Oct 31, 2003 EST (# 16044 of 16046)

rshow55 - 08:20am Oct 31, 2003 EST (# 16042 of 16043)

I'm very proud of what I wrote in Psychwarfare, Casablanca, and terror - - and I would have been very proud to have either Eisenhower read it - especially the part I posted on Sep 26-27, 2000, and especially the part from #21...including this basic point:

You are "proud" of everything you do and did. So, what else is new ?

Items from that thread "Psychwar...." were cited here. The only sense I got out of the whole thing (posting NYT material all over, and dragging in what you post elsewhere, here) was that you're "proud of" your repetitions. That's all.

Rest the same as here, and you know its fate !

The only way to fix up the relation between Elsa and Rick, so they can stay sane, is a recapitulation of what happened. ***

That 'Casablanca' connection again.

I'm going to be taking it slower - spending some time in-laws in Chicago, for the next couple of days.

cantabb - 08:45am Oct 31, 2003 EST (# 16045 of 16046)

Sorry, format problem. The last sentence in my post was rshow's (not mine).

"I'm going to be taking it slower - spending some time in-laws in Chicago, for the next couple of days." rshow55

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 [F] New York Times on the Web Forums  / Science  / Missile Defense