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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 03:34pm May 3, 2002 EST (#1978 of 1988)

"".. The Israeli government declared on Thursday that Palestinian leaders under interrogation had implicated Yasir Arafat in financing terrorist attacks Palestinian officials have also denied any such role for the Palestinian leader, and they have accused Israel of forging documents or using information out of context.

With the Nazi book of torture as their handbook - one can be sure that people under extreme duress would admit to 'anything'. see

rshow55 - 03:46pm May 3, 2002 EST (#1979 of 1988) Delete Message

lchic 5/3/02 3:24pm ... Some "triangulation" may be in order -- and might even be happening

Saudis Desperate for Russian Help - (old link -from MD1647)

MD1647 almarst-2001 4/22/02 6:50am ... MD1648 almarst-2001 4/22/02 7:01am
MD1649 rshow55 4/22/02 7:10am

lchic - 03:48pm May 3, 2002 EST (#1980 of 1988)

Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid American White Man Guardian Talk International (thread)

Interesting comments on Moore, his book, America(ns), their system(s).

lchic - 03:51pm May 3, 2002 EST (#1981 of 1988)

Saudis Desperate for Russian Help - (old link -from MD1647) Link no longer operative ...

rshow55 - 03:59pm May 3, 2002 EST (#1982 of 1988) Delete Message

lchic 5/3/02 3:34pm torture is a concern - a big one - and there are other ways of manufacturing cases, as well.

THE CASE AGAINST THE NAZIS . . . Week in Review January 13, 2002 .. contains this:

"One of the leading United States investigators at Nuremberg, Gen. William J. Donovan Wild Bill Donovan of the O.S.S., the C.I.A.s precursor collected and cataloged trial evidence in 148 bound volumes of personal papers that were stored after his death in 1959 at Cornell University.

At Cornell, I spent perhaps 1,000 hours looking at those documents, and had just about any questions I asked about the Nazis answered.

MD221-224 rshow55 3/5/02 3:56pm . . MD1437 rshow55 4/17/02 9:35pm


The Nazis perfected, and our CIA picked up and used, patterns of a "culture of lying" that are only now, because of the internet, becoming systematically penetrable. We are now living in a world where many old horrors can be eliminated - with openness, and patterns that let real human beings accomodate complexity.

The United States should be on "the side of the angels" here, but when it is not -- other powers should, and could, use the new technical means, to permit truth.

I can personally testify to how much effective knowledge the US (and the Russians, and the Israelis) actually have about torture, and other means of human coercion. Everything the nazis knew, that permitted them to get the kapos in the death camps to do what they did, we know.

The cold war should be over, the things that Eisenhower warned about should be faced, and we should do better in the future than we've done in the past.

rshow55 - 04:04pm May 3, 2002 EST (#1983 of 1988) Delete Message

lchic 5/3/02 3:48pm . . . THANKS ! If I could get Moore, or one of his people, with a videocamera along, to accompany me, I might be safer making a visit or two that I'd very much like to make.

Perhaps I'm being overcautious, but I'd like to talk to somebody, with a name and with some media connections - before doing things I ought to have every right to do, in these United States.

(search Moore, this thread.)

lchic - 04:07pm May 3, 2002 EST (#1984 of 1988)

Wonder if any of the great power leaders think like this :

lchic - 04:11pm May 3, 2002 EST (#1985 of 1988)

On 'Moore' a thread poster said the book contained things that had been 'under everyone's noses for a couple of years' .. could it be that people who don't frequent the net - actively - need someone like Moore to bring together the things they would like to see .... isn't that what the NYT ought to be doing .. is the NYT missing aspects of political life, does it know there's a GAP ?

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