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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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manjumicha2001 - 05:35pm Apr 30, 2002 EST (#1910 of 1923)


Thanks ! Cohen deserves a lot of credit for writing that piece. Having said that, it should still be pointed out that had he not been a jew, I am not sure if he would be able to maintain his career in the main stream media, having written such column. It is almost painful lately to hear any American journalist trying to talk about middle east..very deformed, dishonest, and distorted.

On another and brighter subject, I have noticed for some time that you are experimmenting with a unique way of public discourse, made possible by the web-hyperlinks. Such methodology is extremely effective and powerful in tackling complex issues which are often impossible to be properly discussed due to various oratorical smoke screens and "purposful clouding" of issues that often goes on in typical mass medium of public discourse today (i.e. print or audio-visual media). I also have noted, however,your methods do demand devoted attention of the fellow participants and good faith attempt to follow your "thoughts"....and being lazy as we all are (and some even acting not in good faith), you can be pretty lonely at times, I think.

Hopefullly, you can find some formal "structure' (i.e. NYT or somme other web-based media outlet's sponsorship), or platform from whicc youu can pursue your discourses....

lchic - 09:58pm Apr 30, 2002 EST (#1911 of 1923)

Human Potential is shaped to Human Capital when the ideas, inventions, philosophies, methodologies of process etc are enabled - that's happen. Reading the thread it seems that Showalter had the potential to achieve more than most could dream .... has worked hard - undertaking the challenges, yet is blocked from moving forward, to deliver keys to an improved future for all ..... by ________ by what exactly? Uncle Sam ?

lchic - 10:14pm Apr 30, 2002 EST (#1912 of 1923)

Blonde bombshell

Hydrogen peroxide
Hair raising scary
as in underwater
thick steel
Whipping the public will
Creating the need for an
Outward show of empathy
From a leader

Nukes aren't blonde
They are stacked waiting
Filled with the pervasive scent
of death

An accident
patiently since
Check the wrist watch
Still 1953?

Nukes aren't blonde
They are stacked waiting
Filled with the pervasive scent
of death

One such accident is more than a potential
One such accident is a million times
Than the KURSH

Accidental Presidents could be decisive leaders
Don't leave us in the lurch!

    dawnRiley 2002

lchic - 01:55am May 1, 2002 EST (#1913 of 1923)

Mayday USA

lchic - 07:34am May 1, 2002 EST (#1914 of 1923)

""" The information provided by the soldiers to Channel 4 was to the effect that "individual soldiers went over the top or were guilty of disgraceful acts".

Mr Clarke said the tribunal had been told that for the journalists to disclose the identity of their sources would mean they could not in future guarantee confidentiality in like circumstances.

"Although I am sure the press would like it otherwise, the position is that the law does not give a guarantee against the disclosure of sources, the law requires a balance to be cast," he added.

The circumstances of this case were unique, he said, citing "the public importance of discovering the whole truth".,7493,708083,00.html

lchic - 07:46am May 1, 2002 EST (#1915 of 1923)

The circumstances of Jenin were similarly unique -- a uniqueness that repeats itself with the same perpetrators - questions should be asked.

The powers of the UN are insufficient if they don't prevent ugly circumstances from happening ... it seems there's room for a pro-active peacekeeping lobby that irons out and smooths hell before it's let loose!


A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust (1930's 40's)

Give me Liberty or give me death

    Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" - inspirational speech

lchic - 07:54am May 1, 2002 EST (#1916 of 1923)

Alex said (above) all the Johnnies ... this must be the link :

lchic - 08:02am May 1, 2002 EST (#1917 of 1923)

"" Zimbabwe's food shortages are the result of poor rainfall, a controversial land reform programme and a collapsed economy. Illegal land occupations and compulsory acquisitions by the state have disrupted production and have led to a reduction in planting by commercial farmers. A lack of foreign currency and the state's monopoly over domestic food markets have also contributed to the country's inability to feed itself.

"The vulnerable in Zimbabwe are experiencing hardship due to high inflation, declines in employment, declines in informal sector opportunities and unprecedented HIV/Aids levels," Financial Times

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