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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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mazza9 - 10:27am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1872 of 1892)
Louis Mazza

Robert you say:".for many, many years, the evidence of anti-semitism in Europe was thin -- the support for it was thin. Now, if it is stronger, there are reasons that ought to be understood. Are they all unjustified?"

Answer: YES! You boob. You are allowed to "not like"(how's that for PC) someone if they rape your wife, disfugure your daughter, murder your son or step on your toe. You are not allowed to "not like" someone because they're Jewish, Negroid, Asian Bovine, (that's me) or whatever your particular prejudice is.

.It appears, to me, that all of mankind's ill behavior since 27,014 BC can be placed at the feet of prejudice.

lchic, as reported on the news it is Saddam's 65th birthday and he owns 20 palaces. Who's starving the Iraqi children?


rshow55 - 10:35am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1873 of 1892) Delete Message

mazza9 4/29/02 10:27am . . . . nice rhetoric. And a PC appeal to a world that we don't, as a matter of fact, live in.

Are people "allowed" to "not like" other people? But only allowed on the basis of your criteria ?

All a person has to do, to be hated, and persecuted, and hurt very seriously, under very many circumstances -- is to be a little different.

That's surely unfortunate. But people as they are have to live together - even when they don't like each other.

It is only a dream to ask everybody to like each other.

And in the hand of people like you, a malevolent dream.

I'm against prejudice, too. But people do categorize -- and if they associate Jewishness with the behavior of Ariel Sharon --- for many people, the categorizations will be anti-jewish -- even for many people who thought themselves tolerant, or pro-jewish before.

mazza9 - 10:57am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1874 of 1892)
Louis Mazza

Robert, I guess, in honor of that great LA philosopher Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" is the mythical dream of "gettin' along".The 10th anniversary of the LA riots, (isn't it amazing what we choose to celebrate maybe we can celebrate the Hutu Tutsi massacres!) reminds me of a quote from the Dallas companion riots. A young balck girl was observed beating the crap out of a young white girl. when questioned she responded that .."no I don't know that girl but just wanted to get my share". Black payback? You betcha. Logical, caring or humanistic. por nada..


almarst2020 - 11:21am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1875 of 1892)

mazza - "all of mankind's ill behavior since 27,014 BC can be placed at the feet of prejudice."

The prejudice is just a tool in hands of a rulling elite to inspire the mob to kill and die for its own purposes. The prejudice is cultivated.

I wonder how the removal of Saddam can justify the war? In wich many innocent people will die and economy of the nation destroyed?

almarst2020 - 11:31am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1876 of 1892)

American navy 'helped Venezuelan coup' -,3604,706802,00.html

"In the past year, the United States has channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to US and Venezuelan groups opposed to Mr Chavez, including the labour group whose protests sparked off the coup. The funds were provided by the National Endowment for Democracy, a nonprofit agency created and financed by the US Congress."

National Endowment for Democracy providing assistance to overthrow Democratically elected government?

almarst2020 - 11:42am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1877 of 1892)


The liberal capitalism is hitting pretty hard on some. In seven easy steps...

almarst2020 - 02:28pm Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1878 of 1892)

Press and Team Bush -

"To reporters, this was a particularly astonishing example of an already controlling White House run amok."

shield_of_david - 02:28pm Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1879 of 1892)

rshow55 4/29/02 10:08am

Hitler should have been stopped cold in the 1930s as soon as he violated treaty terms and re-militarized the Rhineland.

And since you've brought up "the real world" then you might extrapolate how totalitarian psychopaths tend to behave with the weaponry at their disposal.

Saddam requires removal, not inspections.

shield_of_david - 02:45pm Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1880 of 1892)

Every once in a while Jew-bashing goes into remission but always manages to pop up again.

Religious dogma, personal frustration, economic difficulties, mental illness and the human tendencies to envy, hatred and aggression are some contributing factors to anti-Semitism.

Ariel Sharon's all too successful style of waging war is merely an excuse.

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