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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 01:01am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1860 of 1866)
Mix a little with - NET the wider perspective! talk - world dispatch - a poster says .. via translation?


at2rty - 01:29am Feb 17, 2002 BST (#46 of 51) |

"" DIAL 911 Fear is gaining ground once again in the minds of the human race, large populations are oppress continuously by the same mighty force of the strongest, in quality strength is the brother of modestly as only a humble being can be strong.

We have now on our hands the weak and scared American administration, they act not with the hand of reason or strength but with the emotions of fear, it can simply be analysed that the urge of building the grand armada is out of fear, the apparent oppressive behaviour of the American nation is the shield that hides the weakness of the spirit.

What the American nation needs is comfort and understanding, guided to the reasonable path to achieve self-assurance and future stability. Observing the events of sep 11, we can easily agree, the wrapping up, Al Queda is a mayor force in strength tactics, spirit, psychologically solid credit to their unassuming nature, their battle seams to have a rock-solid ground.

The American administration can exercise fear through nuclear weapons and their military strength but the men and women are in fact weak, without the nuclear weapons and the B52 Americans are helpless, it is their government that by their military methods have fool the nation and now finds itself with only one solution which is the continuity of oppression by any means possible, otherwise the true nature of the individuals will surface.

Conjecture, the Al Queda and activist of the world have gain courage and eventually lost all fear, they know themselves well and know the enemy even better.

The outcome of the carpet bombing and the deice cutter along with cruse missiles have not defeated Al Queda and activist of the world, its depth is increasing, the audacity of self sacrifice is on the awaking stages practically they are not afraid of Goliath.

The problem that surface from this complexity is that the Goliath is increasing his military strength believing that just is correct approach, but the David who in the actual are the 3 world minorities ?their force is not physical but spiritual? become determined in their cause.

The American administration must realise that there are 30 million of Hispanic in the country, another 30 millions who are called AfroAmericans, and another 30 millions of diverse ethnic races who he will have to oppress in order to achieve his aim.

The remaining white American population faces an extreme police and military oppression, putting liberties and the easy of living a thing of the past. It is quite illogical to consider a nation that have being motivated to fear and psychological nightmares a winning nation, it looks more like a nation in anxiety.

Europe must aid the American citizen and help him to understand, but it must be quite firm and crystal clear about the rhetoric used between the two ?specially the American administration?, once fear is install in the European mind it would be unable to help the Americans, them the result could be worse?

In order to salvage the chaos we are actually in, is better for the American administration to accept reality and retreat its military force from the Indian Ocean and Israel should follow, as that action will make terrorism unfounded.

America will gain in spirit and remain yet dazzlingly. "" END

dazzling no ly

Here's a look at race choice question/result from last USA census ..

lchic - 02:06am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1861 of 1866)
Mix a little with - NET the wider perspective!

Gregory Corso : He once wrote a love-poem to atomic weapons, 'BOMB', in the shape of a mushroom cloud. ...

Gregory left New York City in ill health to live with his daughter in Minneapolis only a few months before his death on Jan 17, 2001.

lchic - 07:07am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1862 of 1866)
Mix a little with - NET the wider perspective!

The Accused Sabra

    Twenty years ago Lebanese militiamen stormed into the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila. When they left 36 hours later, at least 800 people lay dead after a rampage of murder, torture and rape.
    In the ensuing storm Ariel Sharon resigned as Israel's Defence Minister. He had been held responsible for letting the militiamen into the camps.
    Now Prime Minister, Mr Sharon has maintained that he could not have foreseen the bloodshed. The BBC's Fergal Keane tests this denial and asks if there is a case for war crimes indictments for the massacre at Sabra and Shatila.

lchic - 07:15am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1863 of 1866)
Mix a little with - NET the wider perspective!

The Accused : Transcript

lchic - 07:30am Apr 29, 2002 EST (#1864 of 1866)
Mix a little with - NET the wider perspective!

Article - so that's why Europe reaches - !!!

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