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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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almarst2020 - 08:29pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1766 of 1805)

"What happened to the Fourth Amendment? We're living in a police state." -

"That means the public, the press, and in some cases even the person accused of the crime, can't know why the police entered a home without permission."

The European Union Parliament urged the United States on Thursday to adhere to international laws in its treatment of Taliban and al-Qaida suspects detained at the U.S. naval base of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. -

As I have pointed before, the Global Policeman - the Empire - have no choice but abandon the Democracy. Those are incompatible.

almarst2020 - 08:37pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1767 of 1805)

mazza - "They are the problem not US!"

It is always helpful to support the assertions with some hard facts. You are not talking about some predictions here. The supporting facts should be available.

Who are those newborn dictators and tirans you and the US Government are concerned, mazza?

almarst2020 - 08:40pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1768 of 1805)

Brits Sell Nuke-Capable Jets to India -

almarst2020 - 08:44pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1769 of 1805)

"The press is the hired agent of a monied system, and set up for no other purpose than to tell lies where their interests are involved." -

almarst2020 - 08:50pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1770 of 1805)

Kissinger admits possible errors on Vietnam -,2763,690254,00.html

As mazza would say - JUST ERRORS!

almarst2020 - 08:55pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1771 of 1805)

Iran’s president said that the presence of the American army in the Central Asian republics was “humiliating for our countries, which have their own right to solve their problems independently and determine what is good and what is bad for them.” President Khatami believes that such actions on the part of the USA infringe upon the sovereign rights of a nation and lead to drastic reactions in response, which sometimes takes the form of terrorism. -

almarst2020 - 09:01pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1772 of 1805)

His torturers beat him mercilessly, tied his hands and fastened the rope to a horse pulling him around until he fainted, then they gathered horse urine in a pot and made him drink… -

Albanian "freedom fighters" earned their day of joy. Thanks to all the "humanitarian" bombers.

almarst2020 - 09:05pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1773 of 1805)


rshow55 - 09:17pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1774 of 1805) Delete Message reports news that I hope is right, and balanced --- N. Korea won't be a "high tech leader" in the broadest sense -- but it may gain in openness, and the whole world with it. Horrors, now 50 years old, ought to be set aside. Jimmy Carter wanted to bring US troops home from Korea. That was a long time ago. It would be a fine thing if it could be done soon.

almarst2020 - 11:10pm Apr 25, 2002 EST (#1775 of 1805)

Teenagers 'used for sex by UN in Bosnia' -;$sessionid$NTQ1EQYAABUM3QFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2002/04/25/wbos25.xml&sSheet=/news/2002/04/25/ixworld.html

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