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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 07:10am Apr 22, 2002 EST (#1652 of 1675) Delete Message

almarst, these are interesting but hopeful times. Problems and patterns that used to be hidden, that caused pain and loss again and again, remain, and remain dangerous. But they are not as hidden as they once were - - and some things are coming clear.

I was very glad and proud to see the pieces in the NYT listed in MD1616 rshow55 4/21/02 7:44pm . . . and especially this NYT Magazine piece:

Where Here See's There By GEORGE PACKER . . . " The world media machine has given us a global village - just not the expected one"

If some of the insights that are just now coming clear in the press had been clear a year ago -- the world would be a much better place, in many, many ways. But as these insight do become clear -- and as the need for action, and the kinds of action needed in specific cases, become more clear -- we have a chance of getting many of the things that you and others have been concerned about much better adressed.

Is the world, as George Packer suggests, a series of outrages about which we can do nothing? Well then, we have to learn what we actually can do - when specific problems have to be specifically solved.

I think this thread has helped develop and show - if you will, has prototyped, patterns for complex communication between staffed organizations that provide part of the solution.

It seems to me to be, not only a dangerous time, and an interesting time, but also a hopeful time.

rshow55 - 07:19am Apr 22, 2002 EST (#1653 of 1675) Delete Message

Looking at some things last year, this caught my eye:

lunarchick - 07:00pm Mar 19, 2001 EST (#1192) . .

Looking through recent posts (above) i noted the link to 'learning to stand' included this:

CP Snow spoke of "... the prime importance, in any crisis of action, of being positive what you want to do, and being able to explain it. It is not so relevant whether you are right or wrong. That is a second -order effect. But it is cardinal that you should be positive."

I also noted the query re the Invidual/behaviour within organisations. There is a lot of literature on this, it sits in HRM (human resource management).

Linking the 'positive' with 'individual behaviour' spells LEADERSHIP.

That there be leaders within organisations is important, and that they have direction is also vital. That the Organisation and the direction be in sync is vital.

The Organisation has to respond to the External (and internal) environment, look at trends and directions and future opportunities, and at the same time 'know' what is happening amongst it's competitors.

That head frequently roll in board rooms and the average lifespan of a CEO is Three and a half years reflects the syncronisation of an individual with the 'direction' of an organisation. The organisation as an animal is camelion and constantly reflecting and fitting to new environments. Those within the organisation have to continually re-adjust to the new environment.

Redundancy is redundancy of minds ... that no longer fit the new environment.

On the world environment there is a need for those in leadership roles to be aware of the 'real environment' ... an environment under threat from the misfires of missiles. That non can see the environment suggests the redundant (old Knowledge) in their heads needs upgrading, or leadership refreshment - a new person - a new page.

So the communications problem, or models, suited to MD have to reach into the minds of people and refresh those minds. A hard task when people avert their mental gaze.

lunarchick - 07:09pm Mar 19, 2001 EST (#1193) . .

Greed makes people take note.

Interesting that the Minister of Defence in India was caught 'taking a bribe' and it is up on www live action replay ...

And yet the Western Press HAVE NOT covered this story .... WHY NOT?

If greed make people 'look' then a question re MD is how to get ordinary folk to 'look' via greed. Or is it that they only see the $$$$'s and don't look at the morality of the issues.

- - - -

Smart lady! Is it "a hard task when people avert their mental gaze?"

Sure is. But perhaps we're getting clearer on how to get attention, in the right places, when it is important enough. Sometimes, the issues involve not only persuasiveness, but also pattern, format, and some force of some kind.

lchic - 11:06am Apr 22, 2002 EST (#1654 of 1675)

    ""Military historians employ a concept which may sound like a ghastly jargon but which is, in fact, a valuable analytic tool: species pseudo-differentiation. In wars, it is much easier to kill your opponents if you regard them as members of an inferior species and therefore unworthy of morality and law: fuzzy-wuzzies, huns, gooks et al. In Israel and Palestine today, a lot of that is going on. A dismaying number of educated people are denying their near neighbours a full ration of common humanity. ... The first is that the Palestinians are entitled to a state, equal in size to the territories which the Israelis occupied in 1967, and which must look like a state on the map. .... American foreign policy is suffering collateral damage. The failure of Colin Powell's trip was not just a further tribute to the intractability of the region's problems. Nor was it merely another episode in Washington infighting between powerful advisers vying for the President's ear. It casts doubt on the Bush administration's ability to conduct a serious foreign policy. .... tragedy inspires eloquence far more often than eloquence finds a cure for tragedy.

Powell is now sending in 'tents' for the un-housed/dislodged ... Powell says he's had a report on Jenin .... pity he didn't go and LOOK for himself!

almarst-2001 - 01:13pm Apr 22, 2002 EST (#1655 of 1675)

Peru cancels U.S. joint military training exercise -

"The idea that the United States plans to build a military base in Peru, presumably to expand Plan Colombia into the neighboring nation, has been popular among some politicians."

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