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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 08:52am Apr 21, 2002 EST (#1590 of 1609)
USA - Missiles - Transparency --- really?!! NO! Not really.

    The Israeli army refused to allow the Red Cross and others into the camp for six days, well after most of the fighting had ended. Israel, which has launched a massive publicity drive to counter international anger over the Jenin atrocities ...... "The bottom line is that they kept out humanitarian aid for days and that in itself is a war crime," said a senior UN official. "There is no other way to look at it than as an attempt to hide another war crime. People died after lying day after day in the rubble because we were not allowed in." ....
- - - - -
    Claire Rayner, Britain's best-known agony aunt, has outraged the Jewish establishment by declaring a loathing of Israel and an apparent empathy with Palestinian suicide bombers.
    Ms Rayner, 71, who was born Jewish but has long been a self-proclaimed atheist, has said that the Jewish people's claim to a historic homeland was "a load of crap".
    The comments from the "mother of all agony aunts" have infuriated the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Only last week it castigated another television personality, the poet and Oxford University don Tom Paulin, for suggesting in an interview that American-born settlers in Israel were like Nazis who should be "shot dead".

mazza9 - 11:53am Apr 21, 2002 EST (#1591 of 1609)
Louis Mazza


What is the basis for you term, "Jenin atrocities?" Are you just a mouthpiece for PLO propoganda or do you speak the truth based on real, verifiable observations?

I believe that blowing up a religious dinner service is an atrocity. I believe that attacking men, women and children in a pizza parlor is an atrocity. I believe that holding a sacred shrine hostage is an atrocity. The Intifada was, supposedly, the result of Sharon's visit to a religious shrine. The PLO felt that this visit was an affront to their religious beliefs. Of course, the terrorists are aggrieved so they can desecreate, (the Church of the Nativity), destroy, (The Buddah's in Afganistan), and murder, (the WTC) but woe to those who reposnd in a similar fashion.

Understand why I take you to be a hypocrite? Need I go on.

Let me see. Is lcic French for anti semite?


lchic - 12:50pm Apr 21, 2002 EST (#1592 of 1609)
USA - Missiles - Transparency --- really?!! NO! Not really.

mazza9 - 12:56pm Apr 21, 2002 EST (#1593 of 1609)
Louis Mazza


Notice lchic's lack of candor and response to my "mazza9 - 11:53am Apr 21, 2002 EST (#1591 of 1592)"



rshow55 - 02:08pm Apr 21, 2002 EST (#1594 of 1609) Delete Message

lchic 4/21/02 12:50pm

Thank you for the Casey references, lchic . Casey was a complicated character, who knew he lived in a complicated world, and he did some terrible things. But he was looking for solutions - and when he didn't have them, he knew it. And he knew something about finding new answers - and identifying mistakes, as well.

Casey did the very best he could to use me in the national interest - ruthlessly, but in rational gamling terms, very effectively. Though he once made a mistake in his detailed judgement about the New York Times.

Mazza , I think lchic shows some very consistent good faith. Just now, I'd like to talk of some things much concerned with missile defense -- and our need for protection - for risk reduction in the real world, as it is.

I was in awe, very impressed, with things published in the Week In Review , in the NYT Magazine , and in the OpEd section today.

Carl Sagan, an old teacher and investor of mine, explained that there were things to be expected when dealing with "forces greater than himself."

He mentioned two cases especially. Going home to see his mother, and testifying before Congressional Committees.

Those were times to get a haircut.

I may never again testify before a Congressional Committee, but if I ever know I'm going to meet someone from the New York Times, I'll get a haircut.

- - - These pieces, I think, read well, and perhaps especially well in light of some of the references lchic and almarst cite.

America Can Persuade Israel to Make a Just Peace by Jimmy Carter

"The ultimate avenue to peace is withdrawal of Israelis from Palestinian lands in exchange for full acceptance of Israel and Israel's right to live in peace.

Changing the Channel By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

"10 reasons for why the Golf Channel is actually the perfect antidote to Middle East news.

mazza9 - 02:23pm Apr 21, 2002 EST (#1595 of 1609)
Louis Mazza


For the sake of discussion, (notice that I eschew the use of the word "argument"), "What benefits would accrue if the Missile Defense Programs were eliminated?


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