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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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almarst-2001 - 10:54pm Apr 19, 2002 EST (#1560 of 1566)

The Bush administration is engaging in damage control for their questionable involvement in the failed 2 day coup against the democratically elected government of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Alarmingly, the ominous Otto Reich is emerging as a key player in the administration's role in the failed coup attempt to replace Chavez with an oligarchy of business, military and wealthy elites. -

lchic - 12:29am Apr 20, 2002 EST (#1561 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

Twentieth Century war (with atrocity) was about POWER - expressed via territory, trade and oil.

Even though 'god' figured highly throughout C20 there seeem to have been a failure in re 'inhumanity to man/woman/child'.

War brings fear terror and psychos to the top of the heap.

Wars don't seem to be a good thing at all, they destroy people and infrastructure.

The links on USA Terrorism - second half of C20 - link in with the failure of the US Congress to keep the President, Military-machine, and nazi-wacko-right wing thinking in check.

Deming introduced the a statistical means that looks to quality improvement. It should be adopted in the 'humanity' department.

Today the 'major value' world item is now
Intelligence, learning-application, experience, adaptation to change, wisdom

People make the company
People make the Organisation
People make the Nation

So - what goes wrong when there's 'war' in the air ... why isn't it rejected, and a quality procedure for improvement taken on board instead?

Is there a pattern for peace, improved peace, excellent peace, peaceful peace, making peace, keeping peace, valuing peace, giving people an environment in which to learn, grow, flourish and cherish each other, accept and adapt to necessary change ....

War seems the simplton-fools way ...

After a war the 'fools' have to find the money to rebuild that that's trashed -- lost people can't be re-built.


On TheNewsHour one noted the History Pulitzer winner had looked at the philosophy of Pragmatism that ended with the death of JohnDewey around 1950 ... This Prizewinner's aim is to move on and look at the philosophy of the ColdWar -- it seem to have been one of promoting wars, dis-empowering moves towards democracy by the common peoples (SAm), and the implementation of vile strategies.

The mind set behind the hell of C20, Alex would volunteer OIL, add to that bullying, nepotism and greedy corrupt rulers, and the most powerful country's corrupt NaziMilitaryLeadership .. and understanding falls into place.

There was definately something WRONG with the last half of C20 -- there should be analysis from which to learn, and a determination to make C21 a quality-improved Century.

So why not?


NIHILISM. There's nothing to it.

lchic - 12:46am Apr 20, 2002 EST (#1562 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

This guy A homeview of correctional policy need says the political candidates don't have the metal to discuss defense expenditure.

Why not express it in a table - per $1000 tax paid - $ contribution shown. People have a value scale as to effort input to earn money - they need to be shown how it is spent!

When people drink away all their money the expression is "They are *issing it up the wall" .. isn't it the same for money wasted on defense?!

lchic - 12:48am Apr 20, 2002 EST (#1563 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

Bush foreign policy will hit HOME "Everywhere else, the large demonstrations have been in favour of the Palestinians." Elsewhere people get the full information about what is really happening!

lchic - 01:01am Apr 20, 2002 EST (#1564 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

    ... policymakers in the rich countries had begun to recognise the need to act more decisively to help their developing country neighbours. The United Nations Millennium Declaration in 2000 committed rich countries to an increase in aid. And the big UN conference on aid and development in Monterrey last month had long been planned. But as President George Bush’s war on terrorism got under way, and concern grew about the risks posed by “failed states”, aid policy assumed a new geopolitical significance. Writing big cheques to ease poverty and speed development started to make sense in domestic political terms for leaders in the rich nations. ... Now, though, the hard questions are starting to emerge.

lchic - 01:15am Apr 20, 2002 EST (#1565 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

There are GREAT PEOPLE in the world :

    Mr Scott, who hopes to raise £100,000 for the charity Cancer and Leukaemia In Childhood, is no stranger to extraordinary feats of endurance, having run across the Jordan desert dressed as Indiana Jones, climbed Everest and walked to the South Pole, pulling sledges himself.
    London marathon:
    when the ordeal was just memory and muscle ache for every other runner, Lloyd Scott lumbered across the finish line in his deep-sea diver's suit to a hero's welcome yesterday.
    - the "most emotional of my life".
    "When I was diagnosed with cancer I needed to know it was not the end," said Mr Scott, 40,
    He crossed the finish line after five days, eight hours, 29 minutes and 46 seconds,3604,687660,00.html

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