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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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almarst-2001 - 11:16pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1521 of 1566)

President Bush yesterday sidestepped questions about whether his administration had been slow to condemn last week's aborted coup in Venezuela, saying it was important that President Hugo Chavez learned some lessons about democracy from the attempt to oust him. -

A lesson in the "Classic Logic";)

almarst-2001 - 11:26pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1522 of 1566)

Washington is setting the scene for the remaking of a Latin American epic. The story will bring back the theme of U.S. engagement in a war against insurgents, which for years was a practically forbidden topic. That changed when Colombia ended peace talks and declared all-out war against one of the most powerful rebel groups in the world, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

This latest adaptation will be a timely one. Look for "counter-terrorism" to be the new buzzword in the script, replacing "counter-insurgency" that never enjoyed rave reviews anyway. All the pieces are there for a significant drama. But it may turn out to be one of little consequence.

Some of the old players who helped swat communism out of Central America in the 80s are back in town to assume leading roles under the Bush administration. Others who played significant roles never left, instead using their talents to ensure that any new pitch for international military support wouldn't look too much like the old "counter-insurgency". -

lchic - 12:56am Apr 19, 2002 EST (#1523 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

Classical Logic - suggests
that when the name of the reporter is 'ass ...
then there IS a really big problem!

lchic - 01:02am Apr 19, 2002 EST (#1524 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

Classical Logic also apparently says that when Palestine can not call in an international team to protect the population .... without first having to get approval from the USA ... then Classical Logic suggests that the USA has had a duty of care to protect the people of Jenin all along.

Why don't the Jenin people go to an international court with a dollar claim re the loss of lives, breadwinners, homes, infrastructure ... etc etc etc .. and start a class action to get necessary recompense from the Whitehouse/Congress re their failure to exercise and protect Jenin people from the Mad Evil Logic of Masters Bush-Sharon ...

Speilburg .. did he get over to Jenin and start to document this holocust?!

lchic - 01:07am Apr 19, 2002 EST (#1525 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

Scientific point

.. how can ordinary people protect themselves from the
evil-minded political schemers of the world!

Remembering that these self-same politicians have nukes ... now there is a scary thought ...

Looking at the Afghan-shooting of Canadians recently ... there seems to have been a failure of communication from base to pilot which need only have been 'OUR GUYS are in a training session below you' -- simple .. yet seemingly far too complex!

lchic - 01:34am Apr 19, 2002 EST (#1526 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

    "(The EU) finds the reports of the events which happened at the Jenin camp very alarming. If they are confirmed, they will have very serious consequences," the EU said in a statement from Madrid, which currently holds the presidency of the 15-nation bloc. It did not go into details.
    Serious consequences or is the EU a toothless tiger?

lchic - 01:38am Apr 19, 2002 EST (#1527 of 1566)
USA - Jenin - Transparency --- really?!!

There is no question that:

IDF fired missiles from helicopters into a heavily populated civilian area (killing innocent civilians)

IDF fired tank rounds in a heavily populated civilian area (killing innocent civlians)

IDF snipers killed innocent civilians on numerous occasions

IDF deliberately destroyed water and electrical supplies

IDF deliberately denied food, water, medicine supplies from being provided to innocent civilians

IDF denied the evacuation or medical treatment for the wounded innocent civilians

IDF kept the innocent civilian population under a total state of seige for over two weeks

IDF , from eyewitness accounts executed civilians

IDF executed fighter suspects who had surrendered

IDF brutalized and tortured civilians detained.

IDF invaded and destroyed innocent people homes

IDF stole valuables and destroyed innocent civilian's property.

IDF killed innocent civilians by demolishing their houses with the people still in them

IDF destroyed civilian infrastructure for punitive purposes only

IDF destroyed civil institutions, civil records, educational records

IDF used innocent civilians as human shields


Says LiberalinCalif - 06:14am Apr 19, 2002 BST (#204 of 205) Guardian International

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