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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 09:11pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1514 of 1541) Delete Message

It is a political disaster, for sure.

Almarst , I admire your postings -- has all the work you've done on this thread since March 2001 made a difference to the discourse of world politics? My guess is -- perhaps yes.

MD513 rshow55 3/13/02 11:51pm includes this:

Casablanca is common ground, something culturally literate Americans know -- and that people the whole world over understand, at the level of sympathy, and intellectually, too. I used the movie as a point of departure in PSYCHWAR, CASABLANCA, AND TERROR , which tells a key story about the Cold War, interesting to American, Russians, and others. Especially the core story part, from posting 13 to posting 23 There is a comment in #26 that I feel some may find interesting, as well...

A fairly compact ongoing summary of this thread from September 25, 2000 to date, which is too large for easy reading, but not for sampling, is set out with many links in Psychwar, Casablanca, and Terror -- from #151 on...

It involves many links to postings prior to March 1 that no longer work, but a good deal of information on what has happened on this thread, as well.

I think some of what is said makes more sense, and fits more context, because of things we are seeing now.

If people start insisting on the truth - - a lot might be set right. A step in the right direction happened today.

The Army Secretary's Duty

Army Secretary Thomas White has repeatedly pledged that if questions stemming from his ties to Enron became too much of a distraction, he would resign. They now have, and he should.

lchic - 10:20pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1515 of 1541)

War Crimes :

The Palestinian Massacre is topping the news here non-stop ... ! Michael Keating >>

Switzerland Norway are sending disaster teams are coming in.

Psychological support required for population.

Infrastructure destroyed including medic-ambulances. Arafat detailing extent of distruction.

Israeli defense forces have exasperated UN-Europe by their lack of co-operation.

All equipment may be brought in from Europe - non-cooperation from Israelis.

Children to be told to stay off area - unexploded bombs.

International protection required for physical and human rebuilding (dw Berlin).

(IsraelJerus - in denial) - disappointed that Powell did not get to ceasefire -- Israel in for a 'resumption of the violence' ... ... International Public Opinion turning against Israel? Ans - YES (esp Europe).

Europe Newspapers - united re Powell's mission - 'the smell of death and lies from Jenin' will follow Israel.


Is there a reference to this in the NYT's ?


A $US disaster today!

lchic - 10:23pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1516 of 1541)

Putin - lays out the 'problems' of Ru, would like to see end of corruption, removal of red tape (money bribes), and freer process.

    Recognising the problems is seeing truths. When truths are accepted - then need for solutions can be seen by all.

lchic - 10:43pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1517 of 1541)


is the question on the lips of Jenin women ... so why ?

Gisterme didn't rush to invite the Jews back to live in the USA - but surely

There is now a moral imperative for America to give the people of Jenin homes and shelter and medicine and education within America - until Jenin is rebuilt!

It is American funding and equipment and failure to reign-in Sharon that have allowed this to happen - that's weak leadership in America.

lchic - 10:48pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1518 of 1541)

Putin - said the war with Chechnya is OVER and Cheynians should concentrate on being part of the RuFederation and develop their country.

No full scale war - but the deaths and killings go on.

almarst-2001 - 10:56pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1519 of 1541)

HAARETZ - There was no massacre in Jenin -


almarst-2001 - 11:04pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1520 of 1541)

One more time it should be noticed that US authorities fully mastered the principle of double standards. For the sake of justice (as it is understood in Washington) the White House is ready to send soldiers even to Antarctica. While at the same time, it did not want to help to other countriesí justice. For, Kissinger is being called only to testify. Could it be, that official Washington is afraid of Kissingerís evidence to damage US prestige as the main bastion of democracy? Probably, it is really so. Therefore, ex-Secretary of State hardly will appear before Spanish trial. -

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