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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 11:15am Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1480 of 1491)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

.......... US reporter, not quite able to believe his own eyes as he briefed his foreign desk by mobile telephone.

"It's just like Hiroshima," he said of the frenzied destruction thought to have been wreaked in the last two days of the Israelis' assault on a camp that was home to 15,000 people and to some of the strongest resistance to Israel's control of the West Bank and Gaza.

Putting aside politics and war, and the propaganda brawl over how many died in the fighting, this is a disaster zone without an adequate response.

The guns have been silent for five days, but desperate voices are still trying to kick-start an emergency operation - heavy-lifting machines, food, water and medicine - that some of the agencies involved said was being made difficult and painfully slow by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

In the Israeli Supreme Court, human rights groups sought an order ......

almarst-2001 - 11:29am Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1481 of 1491)

Missile Defense Chief Says System Is Producing Results -

mazza9 - 11:34am Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1482 of 1491)
Louis Mazza



Question. Why the propoganda and where is the "SCIENTIFIC" discussion regarding the forum topic?

.I appreciate that you wish to rant about your perceptions of the United States' ills, but I ask again "What about your anti semitism?


lchic - 11:48am Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1483 of 1491)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

Objective on the spot reporting - world wide - re the massacre of the people of Jenin by Israel ... using funding from the taxpayers of America

Interesting to read the ignorance in the opinion threads ... shows the NYT has failed to educate and inform the readership

Raises the question as to why there's a failure on behalf of a paper that considers itself to have world clout - to report the ME situation independent of bias.

Seems the silence of the NYT is propaganda.

Mazza-whaco==George Johnson ... I'm surprised that you don't have the initiative to look at the world press and media via the internet. Why don't you fly over to Jenin and smell the unbelievable stench of rotting corpese .. along with those still alive and under rubble.

Interesting how the WTO evoked so much world wide sympath and HELP ... and yet no one in NY is prepared to go over to Jenin and HELP in this suffering ...

USA are showing a lack of international moral leadership - of course the background of the Bush family was 1930's German - the techniques of the USA Shadow are Nazi - these techniques are used by Israel ... as they are currently demonstrating.

The agenda for Bush is oil.
The oil is in Iraq.
He wants to smack Iraq

Question is --- when will the USA run out of cash .. or is it all done by running into debt ... theiving from future pension fund commitments .... the USA WILL RUN OUT OF CASH!

HenryII ran out of cash - that was the first Holocust (as i pointed out above, and on which Gisterme commented ... where is Gisterme by the way, not still e-walled by a tack?)

The Holocust the Israelis have put over on the Palestinians this past months ... relates to a land grab ... land converts into cash!

lchic - 11:56am Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1484 of 1491)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

The scientific points relate to:

Isreal has Missiles.

Israel does not have morally sound leadership.

Israel leadership - does what it does - because the USA indulge it.

The USA have Missiles.

Indulgers of Israel-inflicters of Holocust-Jenin

USA lacks moral cred


TRUTH has been a theme of this thread.

Truth is necessary to understand an issue.

Truth failure here with USA media in DENIAL!


If the USA has assumed leadership of the modern world, then it's important it gets FEEDBACK from the world and takes that feedback on board - otherwise 'wrongactions/mistakes' are never corrected.


The sciene of the USA pres-election ... seems from FISK's sojourn through the USA, from Mike MOORE's best selling book ... that people in the US have that scientific gut feeling that they are being undersold.

Mazza-JawG - one notes your 'limited' contributions to discussion ... just here to 'muddy the waters' for Bush ... interesting how the 'right' use propaganda to try to confuse ... yet the people have the gut feeling ... Bush-Right won't do well in the mid-terms!

mazza9 - 11:57am Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1485 of 1491)
Louis Mazza


You are a PLO Propogandist. You support baby killing as long as its Jewish babies.

The Massacre That Wasn't

I'll ask again, why are you anti-semetic?

BTW I know why you're anti USA but hey, we will let that be our little secret.(wink! wink!)


lchic - 11:59am Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1486 of 1491)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

Johnson - i'm a pacifist with 'fair go' and 'fair reporting' imprinted on my T-Shirt.

mazza9 - 12:01pm Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1487 of 1491)
Louis Mazza


I have every right to contribute because I'm an American. I know you want to strap on the homicide belt and do me in. Well come and get me. You're just jealous because you don't have the moral basis or leadership to "have everything" your way. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!


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