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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 10:37pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1451 of 1482)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

Brian Wynne

lchic - 10:40pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1452 of 1482)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

There is mounting anger re the failure of International aid organisation being allowed into Jenin to rescue the people who are lying alive in heat under the rubble. People there need WATER - a very basic need - people need WATER!

It seems the Israel (american backed) regime is loosing it in the eyes of the known world!

mcgovern_wacko - 10:48pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1453 of 1482)

lchic 4/17/02 10:14pm

Democrats will one day necessarily come to terms with the fact that African Americans are no longer on the liberal thought police plantation. Disturbing to some democrats certainly, and while coming to terms with an African American that thinks for himself may unnerve some of them, these times they are a changing.

Unfortunately for the democrat hold outs, free speech has allowed them to denigrate the pioneers as Uncle Tomís, but my friends, are we not well past the day when these free thinkers may be categorized as pioneers? I think so, I think those who venture the Uncle Tome denigration do little more than denigrate themselves and remind us that racism permeates diverse quarters.

almarst-2001 - 10:54pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1454 of 1482)

US gave green light to Chavez coup plotters -

almarst-2001 - 11:13pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1455 of 1482)

What can Dostoevsky tell us about suicide bombers? -

I wonder what Dostoevsky would say about "civilized" West watching the events of the last Century and the begining of a new one. I think he may sank a God to be lucky to live in so peaceful and Civilized times.

lchic - 11:25pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1456 of 1482)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

ME eye :

lchic - 11:38pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1457 of 1482)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

whaco - the recent prizes to people in the arts and film are welcomed and their work 'stands' the test of time, i found the dramatist interviewed on News Hour (Pulizer) an exceptional person.

Wrt to Rice and Powell - these are supposedly intelligent, educated people - who don't hold a fully encompassed 'world view' .. when they have all details and all necessary facts and research to hand. Consequently they are fools to themselves. Rice 'wagging the finger' at small nations laying down behaviour rules. Powell totally ignoring 'International Law' and '1948 boundaries' and again 'wagging the finger at Arafat' while totally ignoring the anctics of Sharon. Their failure to take a 'balanced' approach is their ultimate downfall -- it's illogical that such educated people can be 'half lights' acting dumb.

Be interesting to see how the American RIGHT fares in the upcoming mid-terms ... seems those voters are less than impressed - especially with the RIGHT wing embargo on balanced reporting.

Time will tell. Perhaps most Americans have 'switched off the media' and moved over to their 'Old 78' record collection - true, trusted and valued!

The events in the ME seem much worse than the incident at WTC - that's why there's world concern.

The trashing of a peoples infrastructure - basic water, power, sewage, homes and food chain supply along with deaths and injuries - is seen by the world as a very tragic situation .. especially tragic when the USA have funded the destruction, and just stand by with the Destructor, impotent-weak-morally and ethically inert. People notice!

The especially tragic part is that the USA asked the world to be empathatic over WTC, which the world was, and now the USA has absolutely neither insight nor compassion ... that's arrogance!

lchic - 11:56pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1458 of 1482)
Jenin massacre "It's just like Hiroshima," US reporter said

COLIN POWELL ...A Troubleshooter or Troublemaker ?

Started by khobar at 04:31am Apr 16, 2002 BST

see: Guardian Talk International

If he really went as an honest broker, he should have visited Jenin and seen for himself the destruction and death inflicted by IDF.

There is no evidence of troubleshooting. All we have seen is continuous blatant disregard of world opinion by Ariel Sharon. Few tough words uttered by GWB and CP against Israel were mere PR exercise.
trelismor - 04:47am Apr 18, 2002 BST (#1 of 1)

Sorry, poor ole C.P.isnt much of anything, just a token american blackman. completly out of his depth.

almarst-2001 - 12:18am Apr 18, 2002 EST (#1459 of 1482)

"COLIN POWELL ...A Troubleshooter or Troublemaker ? "

Neither. Just a "human" face mask to the crual failor. By design.

If preventing the War would be on an agenda, his first stop would be Jerusalem, not Marocco. He waited for a week in hope it will be enough for Sharon. So he could come before curtain fals and claim success.


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