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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 08:36pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1433 of 1450)
"They just started demolishing with the people inside" Jenin


    ... if by the end of the year Nato has added seven new members to become an alliance of 26 (as opposed to 16 as recently as four years ago), it will be taking the fast road to irrelevance.

rshow55 - 08:58pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1434 of 1450) Delete Message

The lead in this INDEPENDENT article speaks volumes:

First combat US ignorance. Then we may have peace 14 April 2002

I've been left wondering what would happen to me (in terms of awkwardnesses such as indictment, or more direct means) if I were to say, in ordinary conversation, or in conversation with international organizations, things I've said repeatedly on this thread, and on the Guardian.

I think it is true that, if we had the checkable truth, on a relatively few issues, the world could be a much safer, more prosperous place.

Every once in a while, during the Cold War, the United States took great liberties with American lives. It did with mine (and later, with the money and trust of many investors.) Here are the available resumes of the best collection of test scores and recommendations the Ford Foundation could find in 1966-69. Few lives emerged unscathed.

Biographies of Students in the Six-Year PhD Program Cornell University, 1966 - 1975

Psychwar, Casablanca, and terror 273-278 especially 278

"The story I heard is that McGeorge Bundy got interested in finding ways to get breakthrough math, and one of his initiatives, very informal, was to have the Ford Foundation fund the Cornell Six Year Ph.D. Program -- which brought together a lot of high test score, high achievement kids. I was one of these."

Under the rules, such as they are, I'm not sure who I can talk to.

lchic - 08:58pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1435 of 1450)
"They just started demolishing with the people inside" Jenin

Americans have no concept of 'Occupation' - says an American Born Palestinian adviser ... Michael T
Has the NYT tried to convey this concept necessary to more complete understanding ?


Pre September the USA was supposed to have a huge deficit, be broke, couldn't afford Bush-toRich-tax returns, and was breaking into pension funding promises.

Post September Bush has been on a neverending spending spree - Carlyley his father's conflict-of-interest interest is doing fine - but how are the US people faring NOW and into the future? The redivision of the defense force - giving HOMELAND - is this just a super 1984Orwellian big brother - how long will they be paying for it, and when will it be dismantled. Taking a trend line of living standards post 1945, it's said the peak was 1948 - since that time the people have been stung to pay for bad-foreign policy and defense ... is anyone looking at the trend line?


Putin - to soon deliver his annual 'State of the Nation' in Ru:Parliament

lchic - 09:16pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1436 of 1450)
"They just started demolishing with the people inside" Jenin

Showalter - interesting bio's of the Cornell-Phuds, the fire and loss of life must have been traumatic .. I note they have 'you' listed here:

Biographies of Students in the Six-Year PhD Program Cornell University 1966 - 1975

rshow55 - 09:35pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1437 of 1450) Delete Message

related reference:

rshow55 - 01:38pm Jan 19, 2002 EST (#10879 of 10882)

THE CASE AGAINST THE NAZIS . . . Week in Review January 13, 2002 .. contains this:

"One of the leading United States investigators at Nuremberg, Gen. William J. Donovan Wild Bill Donovan of the O.S.S., the C.I.A.s precursor collected and cataloged trial evidence in 148 bound volumes of personal papers that were stored after his death in 1959 at Cornell University.

At Cornell, I spent perhaps 1,000 hours looking at those documents, and had just about any questions I asked about the Nazis answered. One thing that interested me a great deal is how the Nazis used the mechanisms of government power, propaganda, and inter-relations, financial and social, many informal, between political and business people.

I find some of the patterns involved with Enron , and Carlyle , uncomfortably similar to patterns that occurred in the Nazi corruption of Germany -- and dont believe it is entirely an accident. At the level of corporate, government, and cultural relations, there are many similarities between countries -- many of the patterns that worked in Germany apply, at the level of structure, to the United States, too.


MD671 rshowalter 7/6/01 10:47am

lchic - 09:40pm Apr 17, 2002 EST (#1438 of 1450)
"They just started demolishing with the people inside" Jenin

from UNDER

..... real people dying

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