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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 04:38pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1311 of 1317)

mAzzA & GI;
Fisk endorses my major point ..

    For months the American media has refused to tell its viewers and readers what is going on in the occupied territories. Its newspapers have indulged the insanity of writers who have been encouraging Mr Sharon into ever-more-savage acts.
    The points lchic has been making on this MD board are widely held in the 'world' sense.
    Fisk raises the point regarding journalism - don't they obey professional ethics ?
    When Friedman and Saphire read the Fisk article above and he says that they are in part responsible for egging-on the Sharon-KillingMachine-Frankenstein do they blink?!

lchic - 04:40pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1312 of 1317)

The weakness of BushForeignPolicy is evident in Powell not meeting with the Palestinian leader - Arafat!

lchic - 04:57pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1313 of 1317)
International joint statement -

gisterme - 05:15pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1314 of 1317)

lchic 4/12/02 3:36pm

"...The problem with America is the failure to keep Foreign Affairs with the House(s)of the people where there can be full discussion, rather then allow Foreign Policy to be run by the pro-Jewish lobby along with the military weapons production machine..."

Oh, lchic! Can you be so naive? It is the "Houses of the People" where special interest lobbies have real power. I'd say the founding fathers were very wise to keep the Department of State within the executive branch. Otherwise our diplomats would be running around like headless chickens like so many legislators do.

gisterme - 05:21pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1315 of 1317)

lchic 4/12/02 3:36pm

"...It's looking more and more to the world as if the only solution is going to be the physical removal of the Israelis from the middleEast into the USA!..."

Oh? And who's going to remove those Israelis from their homeland? Does that removal include Israeli Arabs?

Since you want to discuss history, let's review some highlights...

The Jews were forcably removed from their homeland and taken into captivity in Babylon in about 587 BC to be slave labor. The holy temple in Jerusalem was destroyed.

The Jews were returned to their homeland as a result of the edict of Cyrus in about 538 BC and the "second" temple was built by about 515 BC.

Alexander the Great conquered the region during the period of about 333-331 BC. It remained under the rule of the Greek Ptolemies & Seleukids from about 320 to 168 BC.

Rome took over governing the region in about 146 BC and annexed the region in 63BC. Following the first Jewish revolt in 66 AD the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the second temple. Romans continued to rule until about 400 AD.

The Bar Kokhba rebellion (Second Jewish Revolt against Rome)took place during the period of 132-135 AD. Jerusalem was renamed, and Jews were forbidden to dwell there.

Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in 410 AD.


gisterme - 05:23pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1316 of 1317)

gisterme 4/12/02 5:21pm (continued in response to lchic 4/12/02 3:36pm )

Muhammad ("the Prophet" of Islam) lived from about 570 AD to 632 AD.

Jews were permitted to return to Jerusalem under Islam in 638 AD.

Muslim attacks on Christian Constantinople occured during the period 669, 674 AD. Then Muslim forces successfully attack Spain in 711 AD. Muslem forces were finally repulsed at Tours (France), gateway to Europe in 732 AD.

The Crusades, (Christian warfare with Islam in Palestine)took place during the period 1095-1291 Jerusalem was captured by Christians in 1099.

Saladin recaptures Jerusalem from the crusaders in 1187.

Expulsion of Jews from England in 1290 & 1291.

Expulsions of Jews from France during the period from 1306 to 1394.

Dominance of Ottoman Muslim Empire in Turkey, etc. lasted from 1500-1920.

Arrival of Jews in New Amsterdam (New York) in about 1654.

Jews readmitted to England by Oliver Cromwell in 1655.

French occupation of Muslim Algiers took place in 1830.

British occupation of Muslim Egypt in 1882.

Theodore Herzl publishes The Jewish State (Zionism)in 1896.

Tel Aviv was founded as a Hebrew speaking Jewish city in 1909.

World War I lasted from 1914-1918.

Start of Arab revolt against Ottoman Turkish rule, 1916.

British capture Baghdad in 1917.

Balfour Declaration favors Jewish Palestinian State in 1917.

The Kingdoms of Iraq and Jordan were established in 1921.

The Overthrow of Ottoman Muslim rule by "young Turks" (Kemal Ataturk) and establishment of secular state took place in 1923.

The Ottoman Caliphate was officially abolished 1924.

Pahlevi dynasty rules in Persia ("Iran" after 1935). Pahlevi rule lasted from 1925-1979.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in 1932.


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