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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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almarst-2001 - 01:17pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1294 of 1317)

Aiming bipartisan fire at what it described as the Bush administration's alarming penchant for secrecy, a group of House Republicans and Democrats yesterday introduced legislation to cancel President Bush's executive order restricting the release of presidential records. -

almarst-2001 - 01:24pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1295 of 1317)

The military is looking into building a spacecraft that could drop bombs from space -

gisterme - 01:49pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1296 of 1317)

lchic 4/12/02 6:20am

"America has two crisis running. Afghanistan and Israel..."

I respectfully disagree, lchic. They are the same problem. Just different heads of the same Hydra working together to achieve a common goal, bloodletting. If an organizational chart were made of that monster's leadership hierarchy, I believe you'd find Arafat and Ben Laden as senior leutenants about equal in rank. Kind of like Himmler and Goebbles were to Hitler. Arafat's job is to use the Jews and Palestenian people to stir the pot to keep the hatred simmering until the time seems right to let it boil over. Ben Laden's job is to provide the "army", the branch of the organization that executes the will of their master and who will be waiting when the boil-over occurs. There are others, of course. And whatever moniker the "big boss" has chosen this time, the evil that drives him is exactly the same as the evil that brought about the fasciest war. The jews were the excuse to spill blood then and they're being used again in the same way. The blood of six million jews was poured out in that holocost, but it took the spilling of the blood of about fourteen million others to put the monster termporarily back in his box.

If the current problem was really about a Palestenian state, that state would exist today and the bleeding would have been stopped. Israel offered to give the Palestenians practically everything they've been asking for, most specifically, an autonomous homeland on the west bank. It's not about that. It's about making sure the blood continues to be spilled...not just Jewish blood but any blood.

Ahh, makes me wonder, wonder if we're not really at the top of the food-chain on this planet after all. How well does a carefully tended cow or chicken understand the predator that will eventually gratify its appetite by devouring their flesh? I'd say about as well as we would understand the predator who's appetite is satisfied by feeding on human souls.

gisterme - 01:52pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1297 of 1317)

almarst-2001 4/12/02 1:24pm

"...The military is looking into building a spacecraft that could drop bombs from space..."

That's what intercontenental ballistic and sub-orbital missiles do already, Almarst. They are spacecraft.

mazza9 - 02:50pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1298 of 1317)
Louis Mazza


Yes you're correct as far as you go.


The eastern mediterranean has been ruled by Greeks after Alexander 315 BC, the Romans after Julius Caesar 43 bc, The Byzantine Empire after Constantine 312AD, The Seljuk Turks from 1453 till WWI ends, then the British mandate until after WWII and then the UN resolution of 1948 to establish the state of Israel. The day after the UN vote the Arabs attacked Israel and lost!!

The miracle of Israeli experiment was to reclaim the desert and build a democracy in a cauldron of 8th century monarchies and dictatorships. Why do you suppose that after the '67 war the refugee camp inhabitants sought employment in Israel? The "Arab World" never invested in the ifrastructure of these camps but left them to fester and foment hate. It's no wonder that the Palestinian is so put upon but the real culprit is the Arab world!


lchic - 03:16pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1299 of 1317)

Australians are being warned by forecasters that the ME situation could boil over into a third world war!

lchic - 03:36pm Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1300 of 1317)

The problem with America is the failure to keep Foreign Affairs with the House(s)of the people where there can be full discussion, rather then allow Foreign Policy to be run by the pro-Jewish lobby along with the military weapons production machine.

The US has to look at the REAL history of the Middle East - see my refs posted above.

There are NO terrorists in Palestine - they are FreedomFighters ... fighting to get their freedom back .. fighting to get their land and homes back. That GI above can link them into being terrorists is muddled thinking. International Law classifies them as people who have been harmed by Israeli aggression with the perfect right to use whatever methods they choose against their aggressor.

America has to cease funding their Israeli Frankenstein/Pitbull/Dracula ... rather dump them.

The current aggressive rise and rise of Israel co-incides with the installation (by high court decree ... back in JebCounty .. of WalkerBush) .. again demonstrating the abysmal weakness of Bush. His total failure to appreciate C20 history. His failure to find and work with a 'clear sighted, clear thinking, visionary' team. The current mob called 'The Administration' ... have not got a clue with respect as to either the history of the ME crisis, or what to do about it. They can't even acknowledge historical truth --- the first step towards a thought out solution.

The American Media also has to look to truth - and do their job - and correct the NaziIsraeli line - which treats Israelis as a special breed apart, while at the same time labels Palestinians 'nobodys'.

America has to look for a FAIR solution to the ME challenge.

Otherwise - It's looking more and more to the world as if the only solution is going to be the physical removal of the Israelis from the middleEast into the USA!

Has anyone put up a 'Palestine' primer reference from the NYT ... no!?
If no then WHY not?!!
How can the NYT regard itself as a world premier paper if it's staff/ownership politics don't drill down to truth - how would NY cope with WWIII - it wouldn't!

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