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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 06:06am Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1284 of 1317)

The current Israelis were also 'just arabs' .. weren't they?

    'Israel has been the jewish homeland for thousands of years. ' Gisterme
Not according to some current thread-information flows which suggest they lived further east - Iraq/Canaan ... the Canaan concept is mapped here .. note the concept of Canaan has been subject to 'change'

which indicates one can't be too dogmatic re Israel/homeland.
'Mid East Maps-Canaan before the Hebrews Canaan Circa 1200 BCE'

North America has been the RedIndian Homeland for thousands of years/Australia was the homeland of Aboriginies for Thousands of years/ -- etc etc. Raises the point why if in these examples there's migration and integration - via aceptance of 'change', then, why the failing to integrate with respect to the Israelites?

A major problem wrt the Middle East is the failure of media folk to familiarise themselves with the real HISTORY of the Middle East in the Twentieth Century. Didn't the Jews move into Palestine, bully their way into the 1948 settlement when there was empathy&embarresment, and then continue to grab and grab land in all directions.

Arafat is a freedom fighter - leader, in that the jews moved in and pushed the locals off their land and out of their homes ... as illustrated so vividly again this week. The goal of the Jews is to push everybody out of the area and take over as much land as possible! But this isn't acknowledged in the media!!!

Throw OIL, the SUEZ canal, Britain, France, America into the mix! Why don't the Media Folk do their research - they're letting the folks they interview run 'wild'!,+history+of,+history+of&redir=

lchic - 06:20am Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1285 of 1317)

America has two crisis running.
Afghanistan and Israel.

Flagging NY for simplicity - A parallel can be drawn between two crisis ..

    The Israeli-killing-spree which is indirectly funded via NY lobby groups
    The Afghan_poppy_drugs-killings of Americans is directly funded by individual NY purchases of the product.
NY expenditure cuts two ways -
the one creating death abroad,
the other at home!

It's noted that Bush doesn't want to see/know about the Poppies of Afghanistan ... which will most probably be silently killing more Americans annually than 11/9.

lchic - 06:26am Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1286 of 1317)

lchic - 06:33am Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1287 of 1317)

    If you are a Palestinian, you are either living in a refugee camp, living under military occupation, living in a country other than your own, or some combination of the above. A Palestinian's daily existence is a struggle to move freely, to go to school, to work, to survive.
    The refugee is a person whose life has been collapsed. One day he is a normal person in an orderly world, and the next day he is left with the clothes on his back and with whatever he could salvage from the man-made disaster that has suddenly engulfed his life.
    Over one million of Palestine's total 3.7 million refugees continue to live in decrepit camps scattered throughout the Arab world. In these holding stations, no state or government is accountable for them.
    Languishing in homelessness and abject poverty, there is an entire generation of Palestinians who were born, live and die in refugee camps. They spend their lives in this non-place and their identities are defined by being from a time that no longer exists. ...
    ... This sorrow is compounded because we supply both the money and weapons that fuel Israel's extended war against the Palestinian people. On Monday, this becomes exceedingly painful when I pay my taxes and then watch the American-made Apache helicopters fire away at Palestinian "targets" the homes, schools, churches and mosques of Palestine.
    When Palestinians are nameless, faceless "targets," it is possible to ignore them or turn a blind eye to their suffering. Acts of war against them can then be justified.

lchic - 08:08am Apr 12, 2002 EST (#1288 of 1317)

CONFLICT OF INTEREST no way to run an army or the country

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