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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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gisterme - 06:06am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#1249 of 1257)

lchic 4/11/02 5:52am

Robert may be a-dreamin', lchic, but that doesn't make America responsible for providing "make up" where governments have wasted the resources that should have been used to bring their peoples to a better standard of living. Most governments in the Middle East and Africa have simply pissed away their opportunities for success so far. So now those govenments want to blame the US and Israel for their own incompetance. After all, if the people under those governmets ever realized that the cause of their probelems was their own leadership, well, guess what? Those governments wouldn't stand for long.

gisterme - 06:07am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#1250 of 1257)

And you've taken the bait, hook, line and sinker.

lchic - 06:18am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#1251 of 1257)

According to the international rules - it seems the FREEDOM FIGHTERS of PALESTINE have every international right to counter attack their invaders by whatever means - they not having an army!

One notices that the Israelis who suffer mishap have access to medics and hospitals --- whereas the Pitbulls deny the Palestinians such access.

What is the difference between a Palestinian and an Israeli -- mainly a mind state along with differing bank balances.

The something that's going on GI one has to assume is the the USA has been giving Israel military equipment and cash year in year out ... that comes from the pockets of hardworking American tax payers. With this military subsidy the Israelis have been pushing their boundaries ever forward and playing cat and mouse games with the Palestinians.

It all comes back to the failure of Congress to properly monitor how tax dollars are spent. If the detail of foreign policy went through congress and were then properly reported .. Americans would know more about the world.

Take Bush for example - he'd barely journeyed into the world - prior to Whitehouse - he has no World background - just his own agenda ... handed to him second hand by redundant-minded/muddle-headed/biased advisors along with his father's old guard, who in the ME situ are not finding the skeleton, timeline and clarity, of the issue and are therefore not capable of making fair and appropriate responses that deliver a FAIR peace.

NYT devotees think the NYT is a decent paper ... have we seen a PRIMER on the ME situation -- with true perspective ??!! Not noticed that reference have we?!?

lchic - 06:23am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#1252 of 1257)

So it's the MD board - how would America via it's Frankenstein/Pitbull use Nukes here ...

Let's not forget the spent rocket shells covered with Uranium they carpeted Iraq with are creating weird/horrid statistically unusual cancers for children ...

The USA is arrogant .. they haven't cleaned up their radioactive dirt in Iraq, have kids getting their legs blown off in Vietnam and LAOS ... such dirty military litter louts!

With means but Without Standards!

lchic - 06:38am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#1253 of 1257)

The solution for the Israelis is to GET OUT of the territory they should NOT be occupying! Ideally get out of Isreal and go back home to their USA. Confusion between Nation and Culture is currently called Israel.

lchic - 07:01am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#1254 of 1257)

He's in charge of Nukes ...

    ... complication is that nobody can be sure of Mr Sharon's true war aims. He certainly has form. As defence minister, and architect of Israel's calamitous Lebanon war of 1982, Mr Sharon proved adept at saying one thing to his cabinet, another to the Americans, and implementing a third policy on the ground.

rshow55 - 07:32am Apr 11, 2002 EST (#1255 of 1257) Delete Message

Gisterme , you seem to have spent an hour and thirty minutes on gisterme 4/11/02 3:24am . I've started to respond to it, and will catch your later posts later.

I appreciate the attention -- but think that both what you said in gisterme 4/11/02 3:24am , and what you didn't say, are interesting.

I'll respond later to what you do say, point by point, within reason. Your work shows, as I think it often does, why it is that umpires are needed for closure.

But since you spent so much time, I feel safe in assuming that you read more than just the last three lines of MD1238 rshow55 4/10/02 6:40pm and MD1239 rshow55 4/10/02 6:44pm . What you do not respond to is interesting.

Is there anything unclear, or uncheckable, about the questions bolded in MD1238 rshow55 4/10/02 6:40pm ? Aren't they important questions? Isn't it clear that it would take force to get them answered, given the evasions that can easily happen?

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