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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 07:27am Apr 9, 2002 EST (#1213 of 1228)

You should be in Israel, Moroccan king tells Powell
The US secretary of state, Colin Powell, was yesterday publicly rebuked by the Moroccan leader, King Mohammed VI, for his week-long delay in going to Israel.,2763,681192,00.html ... He arrived in Morocco yesterday on the first leg of his peace mission, and will visit Spain and Egypt before going on to Israel. ... Anger among Arab nations at Israel and the US continued to grow yesterday over Israel's refusal to withdraw. And nor did the US show much sign of trying to bring Israel into line. Mr Powell said he was not considering cutting back on the $2.7bn (£1.9bn) in aid the US gives to Israel annually or to withhold military supplies.

What do USA tax payers think about their money being squandered by Israel on weapons. They have 3 nuke subs!

lchic - 08:22am Apr 9, 2002 EST (#1214 of 1228)

    A tower of smoke uncoiled high above the rooftops of Bethlehem yesterday, testimony to a fire burning by the church marking the place of Christ's birth.
    Witnesses said the fire burnt for an hour, destroying precious altar cloths and furniture before the Israeli army allowed efforts to put it out. Palestinian officials said Israeli troops started it with a smoke grenade. A spokesman for the Franciscans, who run St Catherine's, said equipment from the Israeli army was found inside the compound, suggesting the fire was part of an attempt to flush out the occupants.
    Residents say that at night, the army has been letting off sound grenades, coupled with loudspeaker demands for those inside the church to leave. "Last night the Israeli army used ladders and threw grenades on the church," the governor of Bethlehem, Mohammed al-Madani told The Independent. Speaking by telephone from inside the basilica he said: "They burnt a priest's room. The situation is very dangerous. Israel should withdraw from Bethlehem and the young men will go."
    The Israeli army's spokes-man admitted that its forces used smoke grenades

lchic - 10:32am Apr 9, 2002 EST (#1215 of 1228)

The economic cost of war in the Middle East

Brigadier General Ephraim Eitam, the new head of the National Religious Party, views himself as having a divine responsibility to lead the Jewish people towards "redemption".


lchic - 10:54am Apr 9, 2002 EST (#1216 of 1228)

Reports of the destruction and suffering in Palestine border towns .... wanton destruction of people, infrastructure, homes .... people will be angry !

Raises the question is WalkerBush a strong or a weak leader?

Does he have foresight or hindsight?

King Canute couldn't stop the waves, Bush can't stop Sharon - except the king knew his limitations!

mazza9 - 04:48pm Apr 9, 2002 EST (#1217 of 1228)
Louis Mazza

Yeah. I agree with lchic. If only those nasty jews would march in lockstep into the Mediterrianean and drown, then those pleasant suicide bombers could find another target for their extremism. {dripping with sarcasm, for those of you who have no heart!}


lchic - 08:28pm Apr 9, 2002 EST (#1218 of 1228)

Someone get's checked and then rewarded for, probably years of, HARD work!

    Known as Poincaré's Conjecture , the mystery centres on a guess about the properties of multi-dimensional space made in 1904 by the great French mathematician Henri Poincaré.
    Since then, Poincaré's guess has been proved correct for every dimension of space but one: the three-dimensional space we inhabit. Now Martin Dunwoody of Southampton University believes he has found a way of polishing off this final gap in the proof.
    His strategy is now being checked

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