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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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mazza9 - 10:48am Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1093 of 1115)
Louis Mazza

You know, this "forum" might be considered occupied territory.

A few dictatorial rulers direct and mold the form and substance of the forum contrary to the desires of its traditional owners .


lchic - 11:03am Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1094 of 1115)

No need to worry about a thing ... Bush watches over the world !

mazza9 - 11:17am Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1095 of 1115)
Louis Mazza


..and why do I worry if people such as you exercised that authority? Is it that you've failed before.

In my world Sara Hughes is on the Wheaties cereal box. In your world it's the French Judge!


almarst-2001 - 11:25am Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1096 of 1115)

mazza - "In my world Sara Hughes is on the Wheaties cereal box"

No wonder you are looking for outer-space exitement;)

It's about time to discover there is another World just around the corner.

mazza9 - 11:42am Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1097 of 1115)
Louis Mazza


Here ice skating performance was outstanding. Just what gibberish are you throwing up, (regurgitating!)?


lchic - 11:52am Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1098 of 1115)

mAzzA in your world ... the Presidential philosophy re international diplomacy relates to the western 'b' movie ... where the lone marshall wonders into a town - let's call it Bethlehem - and kills everything/everybody that moves - the 'bodies' go to the boot-hill-cemetry!

I knowed he was a Westerner
I knowed it by his talk;
I knowed it by his headgear,
I knowed it by his walk.
His face was bronzed and fearless;
His eye was bright and keen,
That spoke of wide, vast ranges
I knowed that he had seen.


Canadian Prime Minister Lets Loose on 'Cowboy' Bush Complains U.S. leader `naive,' ignorant


GU News/International

lchic - 12:01pm Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1099 of 1115)

    (Bush)he's not faring as well on his quick and steep learning curve about the Israeli-Palestinian war.
    The former Texas governor wasn't fully prepared for the historical details, moral ambiguities, and diplomatic nuances of America's longest, thorniest foreign dilemma.
    He's suddenly discovered that all the differences and contradictions in American society about Israel and the Palestinians are reflected among his closest security advisers. He's faltered in his off-the-cuff comments on the situation, even as he's probably reached the point where he can't just read a speech written by others.
    ... Bush's flip-flop on those instincts was made clear this week. At first he winked in approval at Israel's invasion of the West Bank to root out terrorists. But then his secretary of State decided that the Palestinians could not suffer the destruction of their cities
    .... That difficult choice reflects the subtle difference between Israel's war and America's. Up to now, Bush has seen them as strategically equal. But the difference is this: Israel will eventually need to live next to the millions of Palestinians it is now oppressing

lchic - 12:09pm Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1100 of 1115)

    Looks like the town sheriff's sending his boys in to break up the fight.

rshow55 - 12:15pm Apr 5, 2002 EST (#1101 of 1115) Delete Message

I hope the world watches him carefully -- a presumption of good faith, perspective, and competence isn't justified.

lchic 4/5/02 2:39am points out this message.

"This is not an anti-American rant. I just think that Bush is now starting to look more dangerous to the world than Saddam Hussein. I would be interested to know if any Americans agree that there is cause for concern. You see the guy closer up than us on this side of the pond. Tell me I have got it wrong. Please. "

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