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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 07:19am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1059 of 1077)


WHAT is happening in the Middle East is shocking beyond belief.

The military power and brutality being used by Israel against the Palestinians is awesome.

Some will say that Israel has every right to defend itself and that it is fighting for survival.

But the viciousness of the assault and the horror being inflicted is very difficult to support.

It isn't just making it less likely that the suicide bombing and attacks on Israeli civilians will stop.

It is creating a situation in which it is impossible to see how the bloodshed, slaughter and terror will end.

There are no barriers to what either side is doing, no sense of humanity, no feeling that anything is sacred.

Palestinian gunmen have taken refuge in Bethlehem's Church of Nativity where they are under siege by Israeli tanks.

Religion is nowhere in this conflict, though. Israel complains that the Palestinians do not observe their Passover festival. Yet neither does their own army.

There will be no improvement in the situation unless the Americans tell Ariel Sharon to back off.

When Tony Blair sees President Bush at the weekend, that is the message he must give.

The world cannot continue to sit back, wringing its hands impotently, while the carnage goes on.

!! Tabloid advice !!

rshow55 - 07:19am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1060 of 1077) Delete Message

MD656 rshow55 3/17/02 8:24pm

Dangerous times. But sometimes, patterns of lies , deceptions , half truths , and muddles that are dangerous and unstable , get clarified -- and people get closer to the truth - and are safer for being so.

MD667-668 rshow55 3/18/02 11:13am . . . MD152_153 rshow55 3/3/02 10:56am

lchic - 07:23am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1061 of 1077)

European minister Peter Hain said: “This is the most dangerous conflict in the world.”,,2-2002151464,00.html

lchic - 07:32am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1062 of 1077)

Palestinians Urged to Mobilize

The Palestinian Authority has called on Palestinians to mobilise their resources to wage a prolonged struggle against Israel's invasion of Palestinian-ruled areas in the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority also accused the United States of backing Israel's "criminal aggression" and urged it to rein in the Jewish state.

lchic - 07:35am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1063 of 1077)

rshow55 - 07:37am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1064 of 1077) Delete Message

Eisenhower became very concerned about patterns he'd seen, and warned against the military-industrial(political) complex in his FAREWELL ADDRESS of January 17, 1961

Everything Eisenhower was worried about has happened.

People with power are going to have to ask that some key things be checked. It matters because the United States, intentionally or not, is setting up situations that lead to fighting and death, rather than peace and stability - - and it is happeneing again and again.

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lchic - 07:45am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1065 of 1077)

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has vowed to smash what he terms the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure that has produced waves of suicide bombers.

But what exactly does that mean?

And does the Israeli PM have a political solution in mind beyond his exercise of massive military muscle?

Dr Ron Pundak served in Israel's negotiating team for the Oslo talks and has been involved in various negotiation processes between Israelis and Palestinians since then.

He joins me now from Tel Aviv.

What -- how do you read what is now going to happen beyond these next new days and weeks of occupation?

lchic - 08:00am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1066 of 1077)

1066 - One Arrow - no Nukes

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