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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 06:54am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1055 of 1077) Delete Message

MD1019 almarst-2001 4/2/02 11:27pm quotes All Roads Lead to D.C. by EMILY EAKIN reprinted in the International Herald Tribune from

" Today, America is no mere superpower or hegemon but a full-blown empire in the Roman and British sense"

Almarst has been asking "why so much American military power?" - - on this thread since March a year ago. Questions of "why?" and "in whose interest" are vital, in the old sense of "matters of life and death" because some of the easy answers, that Americans have been comfortable with, aren't working in America's interest, and aren't pleasing the other governments in the world.

Some things about American politics, and patterns are ugly in a technical sense -- disproportionate - not able to bear public examination. Paul Krugman has been asking some crucial questions.

The Smoke Machine By PAUL KRUGMAN

Connect the Dots By PAUL KRUGMAN

Connect the Dots makes reference to Ann Coulter, who I believe posted on this thread very actively (42 postings) last year, ( kangdawei posted 42 times last year, and used Ann Coulter's web site as an address, though Coulter did not respond to my efforts to contact her.) MD646 rshow55 3/17/02 1:47pm )

The phrase "connect the dots" occurs in, or is closely connected to the logic in, these postings:

MD324 rshow55 3/10/02 12:22pm ... MD325 rshow55 3/10/02 12:24pm
MD329 rshow55 3/10/02 2:03pm ... MD382 rshow55 3/11/02 12:13pm
MD384 almarst-2001 3/11/02 12:29pm ... MD402 rshow55 3/12/02 8:19am
MD406 rshow55 3/12/02 1:08pm ... MD478 rshow55 3/13/02 6:17pm
MD487 rshow55 3/13/02 8:25pm ... MD592 rshow55 3/15/02 6:52pm
MD605-606 rshow55 3/16/02 11:57am ... MD633 rshow55 3/17/02 9:00am
MD648-649 rshow55 3/17/02 6:45pm ... MD721 rshow55 3/20/02 12:56pm
MD756 rshow55 3/22/02 10:50am ... MD792 rshow55 3/23/02 9:33pm

lchic - 07:01am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1056 of 1077)

An ancient, outdated, outmoulded cult whose day has come ?

    Through 4000 years of continuity in our ancestral homeland, Israel's people have undergone hardship, persecution, Holocaust, terrible adversity. But the nation is stronger than others have estimated. We have overcome all our challenges. The Jewish people are indestructible."

lchic - 07:09am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1057 of 1077)

    The European Union launched a peace mission to the Middle East ... Romano Prodi, European Commission president, on Wednesday said Washington's mediation attempts had "failed" and it was time for a new push. In uncharacteristically blunt language, Mr Prodi said there was not enough action by the US. "This is the reality. This is the truth." ... Colin Powell, US secretary of state, who is due to visit Europe next week, gave a lukewarm response to a proposal by Mr Prodi that there should be a meeting of international diplomats on the Middle East, suggesting it would be a diversion. ft
Concern grew in Israel that the country was facing a second front after Lebanese Hizbollah guerrillas attacked Israeli positions in the disputed Shebaa Farms area.

lchic - 07:13am Apr 4, 2002 EST (#1058 of 1077)

Israel denies attacking Bethlehem church ap in bethlehem

    Palestinians said today that Israeli troops blew open a small back door of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, but the Israeli military denied the claim. An Israeli military spokesman said soldiers had not made any move on the church, and had no intention of entering it.,,1-256972,00.html

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