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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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mazza9 - 06:20pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1039 of 1053)
Louis Mazza


It is so easy to ascribe motives, beliefs and feelings to other people. Where did derive the following:"As I recall, Mazza, you're a great fan of nuclear weapons". I mentioned that I was assigned to the 5th Bomb Wing at Minot AFB but I don't believe that I said I was fond or a great fan of "the" weapon.

What is it called when you draw the wrong conclusion? Is you reading and selection of ideas as biased?

The question still stands and can be expanded, "When is it acceptable to hijack commercial airlines and fly them into buildings with the intent of killing thousands of innocents?

Oh by the way, I've never owned a weapon, (except the dress saber that I won while on an Air Force ROTC drill team). I suppose I could repel boarders a la "Captain Blood" but the saber doesn't even have an edge!

Just for Show!



almarst-2001 - 09:16pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1040 of 1053)

mazza - "When is it acceptable to hijack commercial airlines and fly them into buildings with the intent of killing thousands of innocents?"

When a disparity of a symmetrical power is such that it leaves no chance for the weak side of a conflict.

I suspect you would not care much about a boxing rules facing the Mike Tysen, would you?

The more the disballance - the less the rules of a "clean" war are to be respected. At least by the weak. And, if my assertion is correct, the greater the disproportion of US power, the more its ordinary Citizens are in danger.

Welcome to ASSYMETRICAL warfare.

lchic - 11:10pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1041 of 1053)

iron grip on 1m Palestinians,2763,678560,00.html

That's 2.8m Israeli's (backed by the USA) grip 1m of 8.7m Palestinians. Disproportionate!

lchic - 11:15pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1042 of 1053)

    people consider money no object in celebrating the genius of their great leader (Tourist draw card)
North Korea will talk if it is not labelled evil,2763,678485,00.html

mazza9 - 11:26pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1043 of 1053)
Louis Mazza


Let's see if I understand you. Any action is justified if a person perceives that an imbalance exists. Sounds like the law of the jungle to me. Maybe that's why sexually insecure men, unable to compete with the Alpha Male, resort to rape to fulfill their sexual needs (and procreate?).

It appears that your form of civilized behavior ain't very civilized!


lchic - 11:35pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1044 of 1053)

Feminism 101 - mAzzA you just failed - back to the theory!

lchic - 11:41pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1045 of 1053)

All the fun of the flare - burnt alive as violence continues - inhumanity ignites


  • police illegally cremated more than 2,000 unidentified bodies and there are serious questions raised about India's legal and judicial system and its ability to deliver justice.

  • what happens when the world's largest democracy turns its back on the rule of law

  • Most of the police officers are illiterate. They don't know anything about law. All they know how to kill or beat people and that's all.

    lchic - 11:47pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1046 of 1053)

      Boot Camp : A Home Office study (UK) found that young men who attended an Army-run detention camp in Essex committed more serious crimes on their release than those who had attended a normal institution.
      "young offenders would experience, as closely as possible, the military regime and ethos" of the Glasshouse.
      The offenders were given drilling, marching and physical training and had "rigorous" room and kit inspections. They were denied access to television and telephones and escorted wherever they went.

    mazza9 - 11:51pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1047 of 1053)
    Louis Mazza


    You're no lady so don't judge me.

    Either you act in a civilized manner or you're gonna die.

    .Read Frank Herbert's "The White Plague". In this Sci Fi novel, a geneticist is in London for a symposium. He is to meet his wife and daughter for lunch. As he approaches the street corner where they are to meet, an IRA car bomb goes off and in an instant his wife and daughter are wiped out. He is distraught, weak, and vengful. He goes back to his lab and concocts the ultimate terror weapon. This plague will kill all the woman on the planet and will end mankind. He spreads the plague in a very pedestrian fashion and women all over the planet begin to die! Is he the weak one that Almarst justifies due to his weakness? Does humanity perish along with this man's anger and anguish? Tune in next week!!!


    mazza9 - 11:58pm Apr 3, 2002 EST (#1048 of 1053)
    Louis Mazza


    I hope you're wrong. Just check the math. 2 million Israeli and 800 million Muslims/Arabs/people in that part of the world that hate jews. Israel has the "BOMB". Should they perceive that things aren't going their way and maybe Damascus, Baghdad, and Mecca glow for the next several millennia.

    Justifiable? You tell me.


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