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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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almarst-2001 - 11:32pm Mar 29, 2002 EST (#969 of 982)

"rape of Nanking?"

Do you think I am Japaneese? Did I justify them?

Your position consistently is "If they could do it, we can do it as well. There is no reason for us to be better."

I can't understand how the crimes commited by US can be justified by crimes commited by japaneze, Nazis or Communist regimes. Isn't the US a proclaimed Democracy and a land of Freedom and Constitution? Isn't it on a mission to improve the World? Would you accept an improved World at a cost of your children's lives as a colateral damage? If not, why do you accept it at a cost of someone else's children? Is it so hard to understand?

almarst-2001 - 11:36pm Mar 29, 2002 EST (#970 of 982)

Robert - "Some can find your morality fatiguing"

And myself is the first one to feel so. I am just feel to tired to repeat same thing over and over again.

I can't understand how one can overlook the crimes commited by the Clinton Administration.

lchic - 02:45am Mar 30, 2002 EST (#971 of 982)

did Clinton run the Administration

or did the Administration run Clinton

lchic - 03:02am Mar 30, 2002 EST (#972 of 982)

Not too sure how you guys are positioning yourselves on the boards above ... why the Atlantic gets a mention when connecting routes run over the Poles ... or how anyone can be morally fatigued over this, an Easter Weekend.

Time to release a few doves and look at peace ... a conference on peace wanted to look to the following ...

    The Just Peace seeks to achieve the following objectives relating to peace making and peace building across the fields of identity, locality, nation-statehood, and global relations:
    To consider peace making and peace building across a continuum from the personal realm through to family and communities, to national and global relations.
    To develop and promote practical ways of transforming conflicts forms at various sites of social interaction.
    To explore ways in which individuals, communities and governmental bodies can enhance the prospects of peace within pluralistic societies by giving due recognition to social and cultural diversity while nurturing a sense of shared life
    To facilitate the knowledge and experience about peace making and peace building and to set up international networks as a medium for this exchange in the future

lchic - 03:12am Mar 30, 2002 EST (#973 of 982)

Peace :
Milwaukee Coalition for a Just Peace
ME :
Peace-theory :

North Texas Coalition for a Just Peace is a group of North Texans who have been meeting since September 11. Our objectives are to promote peaceful solutions through justice, not war; to defend against racist attacks; and to protect our civil liberties.

lchic - 01:28pm Mar 30, 2002 EST (#974 of 982)



lchic - 02:31pm Mar 30, 2002 EST (#975 of 982)

Land of the free and liberty isn't giving out the real news story -,1284,676269,00.html

lchic - 02:32pm Mar 30, 2002 EST (#976 of 982)

... War Times, produced in San Francisco, will make its first bi-weekly appearance on April 12. It will be published in English and Spanish and will be distributed throughout the US.

Its editors say it is a response to a demand for more information about what is happening in Afghanistan and the possibility of conflict elsewhere.

The venture is supported by a number of academics, including Noam Chomsky, labour organisations and anti-war groups.

lchic - 02:33pm Mar 30, 2002 EST (#977 of 982)

... "Bombing Afghanistan and creating the idea that the US is the judge, the jury and the executioner is the wrong way to respond."

rshow55 - 02:42pm Mar 30, 2002 EST (#978 of 982) Delete Message

World opinion is rejecting the idea that the US can be judge, jury, and executioner . Pretty definitely. Even Blair is having political troubles because he's supporting the US -- elsewhere, the US is losing support at a rate that historians may marvel at many years hence, if we live that long.

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