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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 11:48pm Mar 28, 2002 EST (#928 of 937)


    Review : Even as the world gradually evolves into a global community, there are still many cultural differences which are not universally understood. If you realize that people already have a need to learn how to get along with and comprehend other people with similar backgrounds, you probably can imagine how much more is involved in working and living with people that are so much more different. The result of experiencing something foreign (positively and negatively), culture shock, is to be expected in international business.
    How you deal with culture shock may play a big role in your success or failure in international ... Understanding a foreign culture and how it flows into foreign ... cultures could help you to have better success rates and keep your sanity in check. ....
    International business is much more than just dealing with people - it's also about dealing with corporate and national cultures that can be much more foreign than you realize. Thus, as much as we look at what makes us similar across borders, we need to find out what makes us different; as much as we try to understand others, we need to understand ourselves.
    Lori Yamazaki

lchic - 12:57am Mar 29, 2002 EST (#929 of 937)

Israel (Bush Backed) has declared war on Palestine ! Will Arafat survive the night?

lchic - 01:38am Mar 29, 2002 EST (#930 of 937)

Crucifixiton Day

    Sharon said Friday that the nation's Cabinet has declared Yasser Arafat an "enemy" and that Israel will do everything in its power to "isolate" the Palestinian leader. Sharon said Arafat is heading a "coalition of terror."
    As Sharon spoke, Israeli tanks and bulldozers were tearing down the fences and walls surrounding Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah, while he was inside.
    Israel's moves come after a Palestinian terror attack killed 21 people at a Passover dinner Wednesday night in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya. The militant wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for that attack, a suicide bombing. Hamas also claimed responsibility for a shooting Thursday in a Jewish settlement near Nablus that killed four Israeli settlers.
    Gunfire and tank fire was reported as Palestinians and Israeli forces clashed Friday in Ramallah. Israeli snipers were poised on buildings outside Arafat's complex and were shooting into the Palestinian headquarters compound, Palestinian sources said. ....

lchic - 01:40am Mar 29, 2002 EST (#931 of 937)

Interesting that this action is taking place while the USA and Europe SLEEP.

lchic - 01:46am Mar 29, 2002 EST (#932 of 937)

DEATH PENALTY IS OUT - IN EUROPE - Moussaoui's mother Aicha said the U.S. had made her son a "scapegoat."

lchic - 01:52am Mar 29, 2002 EST (#933 of 937)

Arafat camp - 4 dead & 25 injured & BUSH BACKED Israel isn't letting emergency services in to assist people who are sufferring!

lchic - 02:14am Mar 29, 2002 EST (#934 of 937)

~~~~~~ see links

lchic - 02:36am Mar 29, 2002 EST (#935 of 937)

Brave :

    About 600 activists, most of them European members of the Public International Protection group, arrived in Ramallah for 10-day stays with local families. The town is Yasser Arafat's West Bank headquarters.
    "We are going to stay here in Ramallah in particular to provide the Palestinians with protection," said French farmers' union leader Jose Bove.

lchic - 02:39am Mar 29, 2002 EST (#936 of 937)

Denial of medical care is policy :

    The Denial of Urgent Medical Care The Israeli army refused passage to ambulances, including those carrying critical cases. On October 20, Israeli soldiers shot at a United Nations ambulance, injuring the driver and a doctor. The next day, Bethlehem’s main hospital, Husseini Hospital, was shelled, killing a patient and seriously injuring a doctor. St. Joseph’s Maternity Hospital and Caritas Children’s Hospital were also fired upon. On October 24, Israeli army spokesman Lt. Col. Olivier Rafowicz acknowledged that ambulances were not allowed to enter the besieged village of Beit Rima to evacuate the wounded, "because the operation was still in progress" (Washington Post 10/24). Neither medical workers nor wounded people were able to reach area hospitals. Instead, the injured were taken to ill-equipped local clinics. Hospitals declared a state of emergency, with blood supplies running dangerously low. Israel’s attack on medical personnel, treatment centers and the denial of urgent medical care are grave violations of numerous human rights conventions.

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