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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 11:24pm Mar 22, 2002 EST (#774 of 784)

    "I stand before you tonight in my green chiffon evening gown, my face softly made-up, my fair hair gently waved. The Iron Lady of the Western World? Me? A Cold War warrior?" 31 January 1976, speech in Finchley, after the Soviet magazine 'Red Star' first called her the Iron Lady

mazza9 - 11:49pm Mar 22, 2002 EST (#775 of 784)
Louis Mazza


Propoganda works by repeating the lie often enough that the truth is ignored/forgotten.

You've said, "I've never denied those successes, which are admirable as technical achievements, considered in "pure" terms. But those successes are limited and far, far less than tactical function will require." but you constantly state your opinion, FRAUD, CAN'T WORK, IMPOSSIBLE, WASTE OF MONEY AND ON AND ON.

Why do you suppose that our missile defense tests include balloons? Do you suppose that we recognize the tactic and plan for it. You know this demonstrates that our planning and development are based on real world expectations. Yes, decoys work but so do counter counter measures. It all depends on who is the smartest!

The stealth development program was a prime example of the developement of a weapon system which could defeat defensive systems.

You may not know this but our first ballistic missile warning system was not the BMEWS but predated it. It was based on reading the ionosphere and and detecting a launch by recognizing the effect that a boost phase missile exhaust had on the ionosphere. Worked fine.

Geraldo interviewed a Palestinian "chief" who vowed that the destruction of Israel was the goal of the PLO and peace would only be had according to their plans. There are many "hateful" individuals who we must protect our children from and BMD is one form of insurance.


lchic - 12:30am Mar 23, 2002 EST (#776 of 784)

    OUR children
is a meaningless phrase

it means exactly W H A T ?

    Which children are "IN"
    Which children are "OUT"
    Who is "OUR"
    ?? !! ??
    What happens to the children who are not "IN"

mazza9 - 12:32am Mar 23, 2002 EST (#777 of 784)
Louis Mazza


Maybe "our children" is a meaningless phrase to you but I use the collective we because I care about ALL children.

We had a garage sale last weekend and while we were breaking down the sale at the end of the day some neighborhood kids came by selling candy for their ball team. They were my children and of course I bought some candy to support their team.

If you lead a life with no children you must be one lonely puppy!


lchic - 12:44am Mar 23, 2002 EST (#778 of 784)

'puppy' ?

    puppy's don't have children they have their 'muppy' ... until they're 8 weeks old - pre-leashed!

lchic - 12:52am Mar 23, 2002 EST (#779 of 784)

What happens to the children who are not "IN"
Don't live USA nearby - miss garage sale ?

Are the kids whose fathers work at Camp X-ray "IN" .. but the rest of the kids in Cuba "OUT"

Is mAzzA talking in terms of the 'good' DNA (expressed as offspring) being in need of protection ... an interesting concept ...

but it all gets into a doublehelix tangle


If the USA thinks this through, then, the US might think it should show 'World Leadership' via coaching and teaching on and empowering others so that they can develop their social and economic skills and be 'less' disonnant and more in harmony with the real needs of their own people and the world.


There's a big question arising regarding what happens to people when they are not treated as people.

Australia has found that the children who have been born and held in detention camps .. are way behind others in their development, have carers (and themselves) who suffer depression.

What will happen later to those released from camp x-ray ... [ were they x-rayed .. were pictures taken of their 'mentality' ... was the 'mentality' of the detainees different from the 'mentality' of their jailers? ] .. what will happen to these people post torture trama ?! Which 'elsewhere' medical systems will have to pick them up and support them ?!

manjumicha2001 - 01:28am Mar 23, 2002 EST (#780 of 784)

Gee, Dear Rshow and his pinko friends:

Show some backbone, will you? You guys' wimpy retreat is quite disappointing. Remember, after all, it is easy to shoot down a "marked" target (with multiple electonic "flags" attached to it) no matter how many decoys are deployed. The question is whether such distinction would be possible when, electronically speaking, the warhead and decoys are rendered indistinguishable from each other under the laws of physics as currently come on people....get back into the ring and this time please spare us your feeble and seemingly endless moralizing. The issue is not what US is morally obliged to do, but whether US can attain the new nuclear doctrine of "unilaterally assured destruction" or not. If it is determined that it is attainable, the collective human nature will dictate that such system will be developed and once developed with reasonable certainty, such capabilities will be used for sure when the first chance comes around. And when it is used, the intellectuals of the day wil come up with plenty of justifications for assured.

lchic - 09:18am Mar 23, 2002 EST (#781 of 784)

Just sitting back watching the Bushites 'push' their 'success' story re targeting ... the EU press weren't impressed!

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