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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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mazza9 - 10:49pm Mar 14, 2002 EST (#556 of 574)
Louis Mazza

Well actually, the most recent Shadow was Alec Baldwin! The radio series was fun to listen to as well.


lchic - 11:08pm Mar 14, 2002 EST (#557 of 574)

Diversion diversion
diversion Diversion

Must have been some really good points on the board prior to the mAzzA ... take the heat off us .. postings ...!

mAzzA it's a world board -- much of your local culture is just that 'local' .. with neither export quality, interest nor appeal!

The matters that are of international interest you make no contribution to - so why here ... ah yes .. you're told!

mazza9 - 11:08pm Mar 14, 2002 EST (#558 of 574)
Louis Mazza

Hey, RShow55! Check this out. It appears that your balloons will be flying durng this missile defense test. Who knows???

Missile Test


mazza9 - 11:11pm Mar 14, 2002 EST (#559 of 574)
Louis Mazza


I don't know where you reside but here in the United States we have this little thing called "Freedom of Speech". If you don't like it then when your king of the world you can kill all of us who you would prefer to shut up! Until then you can write your little poems and bore us!


lchic - 12:37am Mar 15, 2002 EST (#560 of 574)

The EU are putting a progress plan in place .... sorry USA .... looks like they're out to be the First Economy -- watch out for the 2010 visionary projection.

"Good Sir,
i'll NEVER
of the world ..
Knowing you wouldn't
settle for less
adjusting my crown
.... bid me Queen
... or
.... Empress!"

manjumicha2001 - 02:20am Mar 15, 2002 EST (#561 of 574)

The way I look at it, this forum can get really boring without Louis M. He provides a wonderful prototypical model of American white male that you all need to win over re: the technical merits of NMD. So far you are all over-educated pinkos to him, not worth paying attention to...

If you lose him, forget about the rest....they ain't gonna buy your story either. The first order of business for RSHOW is to speak more plain language to Louis Ms of this world. I doubt he is really reading all your long-winded philosopical postings. If he ain't reading them, most American public won't get it either.

manjumicha2001 - 02:28am Mar 15, 2002 EST (#562 of 574)

And Louis M, Rshow never claimed that the previous tests did not have balloons. They all carried decoys too but it is just that those were specially prepared and illuminated to be differentiated from the warhead by the software system guiding the kill vehicle, thereby making it sure that decoys would not distract teh kill vehicle from homing into the warhead.

Hope this clarifies. Btw, I wonder how they are ever gonna write a software (assuming that it is even theoretically possible) that can home in on the "wobbling" NK missiles.....maybe rshow's collegues are busy working on the mysteries of chaos theory and predict how random wobble of a bullet can be predicted and intercepted.....or maybe Rouis M can enlighten us on that issue.....:-)

lchic - 09:45am Mar 15, 2002 EST (#563 of 574)

ManJ ... look at the evidence :

    mazza9 - 10:14pm Mar 14, 2002 EST (#554 of 562) Louis Mazza
    Are you suggesting that my "phylosophy" {sic} is not nuanced?
You are trying to say that mAzzA doesn't read ... yet note he 'writes' as a professional journalist!

He 'pretends' not to read ... pretends not to remember various facts ... pretends to be variously this and that ... he rarely 'contributes' ... he doesn't 'work' for the thread - yet doesn't go away ...

One takes it that ManJ and mAzzA 'know' each other .. why else would ManJ make the 'American White Male' reference ...

So much for diversion ...

manjumicha2001 - 09:49am Mar 15, 2002 EST (#564 of 574)


it is called an insight.

btw, you got to relax a bit. paranioa doesn't really contribute to your cause either

rshow55 - 09:58am Mar 15, 2002 EST (#565 of 574) Delete Message

but a little mononoia, from time to time . .

manj, I appreciated your insight.

Could it be that some people are trying to resolve some problems?

That might not be too hard, actually.

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