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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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rshow55 - 06:17pm Mar 13, 2002 EST (#478 of 487) Delete Message

These also seem reasonable - article sized questions:

Integration of a single episode into the status and power systems of American and Russian culture. The objective is to eliminate nuclear weapons from the earth, but to modify or challenge as little else in national systems as possible. Ways to enhance prestige and security of military and political forces, in America and Russia, in the course of this. Patterns of moral support and suasion.

Cooperation of professional competitors, for a short period of time,, in the absence of umpires,. What is needed for stability?

Who wins and who loses in American civilian and military circles if nuclear weapons are eliminated - with any and all other changes minimized to the extent possible.? Who has power to obstruct.? How does that power work?

The shadow of the bomb in American and Russian culture - simularities and differences. Differences in aesthetic responses, and patterns of understanding.

Operationally sufficient "mutually assured destruction sufficient for deterrance" in the absence of nuclear weapons. Russian military perspective. American military perspective. …….

Making the slogan "peace is our profession" operational, and satisfying, for American and Russian militaries - what would have to be done?

Status exchanges are crucial to controlled social competition, and you are the specialist here ! Raising the status of the participants. Should buggers meet people bugged? Comfort under awkward circumstances. Aesthetic responses to nuclear terror and nuclear standdown mechanics - Russian and American. Grace under pressure - Russian style, American style. Entertaining hostages for month long stays. …. Reporting protocola and status exchanges in Russia and America.

The role of surveillance technology, including bugging and cryptographical procedures, in a sustainable standoff between inherently competitive nation states.

What pictures would people have to see to understand a nuclear standdown procedure, and judge the checkability of it?

What pictures illustrate nuclear terror, and fear of first-strike tricks?

Simularities and differences in Russian, American sense of honor - picture illustrations.

Nuclear weapons, and arms control, from the perspective of American and Russian culture.

Operationally sufficient "mutually assured destruction sufficient for deterrance" in the absence of nuclear weapons. Information flows for defense, offense, and ordinary operations. Russian military perspective. American military perspective. ……Bugging technology. Information overload considerations.

How could a provisional "proposal for discussion and comment" be prepared for the Russian and American governments?

. . .

Would there be some different questions now? Surely. But some of the same problems and approaches might make sense. And the sheer complexity of the issues involved would require STAFFING - - and a "connecting of the dots" that would take large organizations, and the technical opportunities of the internet, as well as good will.

The exercise might lead to some interesting clarifications -- and fruitful new questions.

Similar questions, asked of Islamic countries, and Israel, might be interesting, as well. It is people who have to make peace.

lchic - 06:18pm Mar 13, 2002 EST (#479 of 487)

Be interesting if the Guardian or New York Times did a feature on Kozma Prutkov ... it's all greek to me .... but not to his grandson.

lchic - 06:22pm Mar 13, 2002 EST (#480 of 487)

Peace - People - they try !

rshow55 - 06:22pm Mar 13, 2002 EST (#481 of 487) Delete Message

I think the relevance of the questions almarst asked last year to current conditions is very close.

Almarst, I salute your clarity. I wish we could have made more progress in the last year, but I believe that we've made some.

President Putin surely has. Putin's international position and Russia's position, is far higher than it was a year ago, when Muddle In Moscow was printed.

Progress, in a world which is very complicated, where consent is required, depends on persuasion . Diplomacy often helps. And "wordsmithing" is vital. The right words, expressing understanding vividly and clearly, can be precious things. - - Because for real action, -- enough people and groups have to be persuaded.

lchic - 06:29pm Mar 13, 2002 EST (#482 of 487)

Chicken before egg / thinking before word


egg before chicken / word before thinking

rshow55 - 06:33pm Mar 13, 2002 EST (#483 of 487) Delete Message

In a focusing cycle - it doesn't really matter much where you start -- if the sequence can focus -- then it makes sense to start

There needs to be some discussion!

MD466 lchic 3/13/02 5:39pm

MD404 manjumicha2001 3/12/02 11:50am

rshow55 - 06:48pm Mar 13, 2002 EST (#484 of 487) Delete Message

MD460 almarst-2001 3/13/02 3:31pm raises key points, and asks "what is wrong?"

We need clearer answers than we have - - and a lot of people need to understand them. rshow55 3/13/02 1:01pm

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