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    Missile Defense

Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 03:20pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#283 of 310)

Psychological Stress from fear of Nuclear Terror - a class action to world court by both countries listed and other countries contemplating suffering of effects of severe disruption to human and commercial activities. almarst-2001 3/9/02 1:53pm

The 'law' and 'monetary claims' are the carrot and stick to make a donkey behave and perform better.

almarst-2001 - 03:21pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#284 of 310)


do you believe people like mazza give a dime for the human life? O.K. May be a dime. But surelly less the a six-pack or a $1 break of the price of gas.

almarst-2001 - 03:24pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#285 of 310)

"Psychological Stress from fear of Nuclear Terror"

One must recognize that stress will fall on US as well.

The one who raises the sword should not expect to receive a flower. Even on the cemetry.

lchic - 03:35pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#286 of 310)

mAzzA's President - unless he like Reagan has acting skills - seemed to develop an awareness of the fuller meaning of a life lost, this week, expressed as 'grief via tears'.

Seemingly not caring about the rest of the world's people may relate to the psychology and philosophy of being reared on hollywood 'b' movies .. which had two sets of characters - the good and the bad. Sometime later 'the Ugly' made an entrance.

From this perspective:

    The world may be seen by some as America being 'the good' and to hell with the rest of the elsewhere world.
Not religious myself, but, i was thinking this week of the way 'the ONE God' had to make triangular division to 'three' so that those who didn't give a brass razoo about others had a channel for forgiveness and redemption.
( )

Raises the point, if BillyGraham dines once per month with a former and current President why hasn't this message got through?

Raises the further point, if Americans have comparatively HIGH church attendance ... what goes down in those surmons?

Raises the point why is the military so linked to 'war' when it should be linked to 'peace' !

lchic - 03:40pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#287 of 310)

An Holistic viewpoint is required of military types almarst-2001 3/9/02 3:24pm who may understand much about the difference and functions of one weapon as against another, but, nothing of the workings of the worlds' complex and interconnected economy.

What do they learn at WestPoint ... seems they need a further course at EastPoint to give them Ying-Yang with respect to perspective.

almarst-2001 - 04:05pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#288 of 310)

"What do they learn at WestPoint"

The "art of destruction" I assume.

In my view, the people who chose the careere in a professional army (which by the way, exist only in agressive nations having no need of self defence), those people are ether professional careerists willing ro climb on a ladder no matter what buttons they need to push on the way. Or psychopatic sado-masohists. Or just idiots.

O.K. Sorry. I may allow 5% exception for some brainwashed who are not complete idiots.

rshow55 - 04:08pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#289 of 310) Delete Message

almarst-2001 3/9/02 3:18pm

"The mads are reviving their plans. In large part hoping for the protection by the Missile Defense. That, in my view, leaves the chance for the humanity, including the US, not more then 50/50 chance of surviving in this Century. One must be indeed an overly optimist or, may be, quintessential MAZZA, to think otherwise.

Whether or not one "hopes" for missile defense - a workable missile defense isn't workable -- countermeasures are far, far too easy - - maybe a million times easier than the "missile defense" systems themselve. For clear technical reasons. MD84 rshow55 3/2/02 10:52am

But madness - - in the sense of morally blind craziness -- is a terribly important issue.

almarst-2001 - 04:15pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#290 of 310)

I "Whether or not one "hopes" for missile defense - a workable missile defense isn't workable -- countermeasures are far, far too easy - - maybe a million times easier than the "missile defense" systems themselve."


Unfortunatly it is not enough for you to be sure about it. The stakes are too high to to anyone to allow any chance. It is enough if one the parties makes a mistake in believing it works. That why I placed my bets for survival so low. The danger was never ever greater. And keeps increasing.

lchic - 04:17pm Mar 9, 2002 EST (#291 of 310)

Interesting how catch-titles/words are associatively thought of with respect to happenings ... another suicide bomber makes a bad impression ..
"Whoops there goes another Ker Plop" or things might be happening ....
Put the latter into a browser and it gives nuclear concern connections.

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