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Technology has always found its greatest consumer in a nation's war and defense efforts. Since the last attempts at a "Star Wars" defense system, has technology changed considerably enough to make the latest Missile Defense initiatives more successful? Can such an application of science be successful? Is a militarized space inevitable, necessary or impossible?

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lchic - 01:40am Mar 4, 2002 EST (#194 of 200)

Creative abroad in destructive ways ...
taking many, many, civilian lives
Using up the larder of weapons

If military-footprint-expenditure represents say 6% of the very large US economy ... and the products made from it are products for terror ... then why isn't the average 'American' concerned .. why is there neither empathy nor understanding for matters outside the USA boundary-coastline?

Were the $600,000 per minute expended for 'good' - using the same workshops and engineers - then How might it be used.

What are the NEEDS of this world?

Why is important to 'bring-up' that's 'lift' the levels of existance in so much of the suffering world.

Take a look at the aid schemes that support a child - benefit to the child, to the family of the child, to the village of the child, to the nation of that child as it grows up to take on a role within it's own community.

Now contrast this with building and supporting a 'dangerous antique missile' system in a militarised sky.

Why invest in a system of 'terror' ... why traumatise the world ... who benefits? Carlyle Group - headed by X-Presidents, and X-PrimeMinisters ... takes commissions that benefit the 'greed' of the individual!

Conflict of Interest!

Seems strange that the democratic press, and Mr Ken STARR, don't gnaw away at the conflict of interest issue.

lchic - 01:50am Mar 4, 2002 EST (#195 of 200)

Third World NEEDS :

The Third World need capital investment to give people basic services and basic education.

almarst-2001 - 06:17am Mar 4, 2002 EST (#196 of 200)

"The Third World need capital investment to give people basic services and basic education."

How many even among Americans who would believe any of its political establishment give it a dime?

rshow55 - 08:13am Mar 4, 2002 EST (#197 of 200) Delete Message

almarst-2001 3/4/02 6:17am ... don't be too cynical. You're also being unrealistic -- and I don't have to forget any bad thing to say so.

The United States is a complex nation -- and a lot of people, both in the "political establishment" and outside it, care a lot and do a lot, for good.

If it were otherwise, there would be much less room to maneuver, and much less room for hope.

And some other nations, not least Russia, Georgia, and China, could use some considerable improvement.

rshow55 - 09:46am Mar 4, 2002 EST (#198 of 200) Delete Message

I think questions almarst raised, quoted in MD183 to MD186 rshow55 3/3/02 9:43pm are worth a lot of attention. I'm thinking about them - and reading the news today.

Its a lucky thing facts and ideas matter as much as they do in human affairs. Brute force matters often, but it is a long way from being "the whole story."
MD181 rshow55 3/3/02 8:03pm ... MD182 rshow55 3/3/02 8:48pm

MD170 rshow55 3/3/02 6:48pm ... MD171rshow55 3/3/02 6:52pm

MD84 rshow55 3/2/02 10:52am

lchic - 12:59pm Mar 4, 2002 EST (#199 of 200)

Facts, truth and superheros are important to the American psyche ...

How to get the US to see 'antique dangerous missiles' as the 'bad guys' ?

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