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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 07:08am Aug 15, 2001 EST (#7885 of 7905)

A look at the evolution of Russian-American relations under Presidents Bush and Putin, from a Russian perspective.

ALEXEI ARBATOV: We do not believe that Russia is going to attack the United States or vice versa. However, as long as we retain many thousands of nuclear weapons in our arsenals and presently we have many thousands, both of us, it's clear that they are targeted at each other because in the whole of the rest world there are not so many targets for those weapons. As long as they are targeted, they create this reality of strategic deterrence.

The only way to do away with it is to physically reduce those weapons to very low numbers. Otherwise declarations that deterrence is no longer valid are not taken in Russia with great trust. It looks very suspicious to Russia because declaring that nuclear deterrence is no longer valid on the one hand and refusing to go down in very deep reduction of strategic offensive forces is not compatible. And that makes Russians suspicious about American claims that their defenses will not be directed against Russia.

lunarchick - 08:48am Aug 15, 2001 EST (#7886 of 7905)

What has angered Greenpeace and puzzled observers is the use of the felony charge against demonstrators when usually a misdemeanour charge is used. This is seen as an indication of the sensitivity with which the protests are being interpreted by the US authorities.

"These charges are politically motivated, never has such harsh treatment been given out to peaceful protesters at Vandenberg. It should be Star Wars on trial, not Greenpeace, but we are ready to make our case in court," says Greenpeace's William Peden, a Glaswegian who cut his teeth at Faslane demonstrations and whose day has started with protesters holding placards outside the court building. "We know that any jury that hears the whole truth about the Star Wars programme will agree with our opposition to it.",7369,537084,00.html

lunarchick - 08:52am Aug 15, 2001 EST (#7887 of 7905)

Nic Clyde and Stuart Lennox from Australia;

The non-Americans were held in jail for six days, housed in a maximum security facility in Bakersfield with one open toilet between 30 men.

Something to bear in mind when the USA displays 'superpower arrogance'.

lunarchick - 08:55am Aug 15, 2001 EST (#7888 of 7905)

"All around the world people are standing up and saying no to Star Wars. Our activists have done that, even the Russian defence secretary is doing it," says Peden. "It is time George Bush realised this insane scheme is not needed or wanted."

Between October last year and May this year, more than 50 people were arrested at or near the base and all were charged with misdemeanour, which normally leads to fines or probation

almarst-2001 - 02:13pm Aug 15, 2001 EST (#7889 of 7905)

"This debate is not just about whether it is possible to protect Americans from incoming missiles. It is about the desirability of transforming the military into a space-based fighting force and deploying weapons in outer space." - San Francisco Chronicle -

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