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    Missile Defense

Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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btourny - 02:05pm Aug 13, 2001 EST (#7861 of 7905)

bakho 8/10/01 10:43am

Seems like you covered all the bases on the limited use that NMD presents to our defense.

But if the Bushites persist in believing that this expensive toy is essential, then they should have the courage to raise the taxes to pay for it. The money should be raised by increasing taxes on the upper income groups, that can afford to pay for such a luxury item, and who hold a greater precentage of property at threat.

Instead the Bush Administration has cut those taxes on the richest Americans, and is eyeing the taxes paid by the poorest Americans, the SS taxes, to use to fund this NMD.

Same old Republican stuff, Zillions for defense, and get the poor to pay for it, assuming that they are too powerless, too busy, too ill informed to do anything about it. Easily they are driven by a sound byte, and a photo-op.

If Bush insists on this thing, force him to raise taxes on the highest incomes, and restore the Estate Tax. Keep his hot little hands off SS Surplus, and the Ronnie Reagan Credit card of the Treasury.

leonarbe - 02:21pm Aug 13, 2001 EST (#7862 of 7905)

The U.S. should try to make decisions to help their people. War produces more war & hate among people. We should try to keep our world in peace, think about how many people are dying because of starvation every year. I know it's not entirely US fault. The gap between poor and rich people in the US is expanding, not to mention the amount of more people joining the "lower" class. Bush might want to do whatever possible to be isolated, and maybe in the future it will impact not only the ecomomy but the US-citizen. Hey Bush, STOP finding enemies... try to find friends instead. "it's better a bad deal than a GOOD war"

paralgal - 02:43pm Aug 13, 2001 EST (#7863 of 7905)

On missile defence, I agree that a shield to prevent states from dropping nuclear bombs on each other is desirable. Having grown up during the cold war, "duck and cover" is not my favorite thing. The world would do well to remember, however, that the only country to ever drop nuclear bombs on anybody is the good old USA, and they dropped them on civilian targets. Perhaps the rest of the world should develop such a system and leave the USA out of the loop. That might really make the world a safer place, especially when you consider who is Commander in Chief these days.

joeneri0 - 04:08pm Aug 13, 2001 EST (#7864 of 7905)

Part of the reason Bush & Company are pushing this idea that treaties are no longer necessary is to undermine the authority of the Senate in ratification of agreements between nations. They want a free hand, without Congressional oversight, in building whatever half-baked missile defense they can conceive of. The moves the Administration is making is beginning to border on Constitutional conflicts. The Senate should hold hearings into the legalities of these moves as well as their implications for the conduct of foreign affairs.

Joseph Neri Los Angeles, CA

ledzeppelin - 04:37pm Aug 13, 2001 EST (#7865 of 7905)

Re lunarchick posting- 07:47pm Aug 11, 2001 EST (#7847 of 7864)

Dear lunarchick What makes the whole train thing even more bizzare is that the train was lent to Kim for the journey by the Japanese Government? Oh well what a crazy world.... Yours ledzep

trowe73 - 06:58pm Aug 13, 2001 EST (#7866 of 7905)

If the great republic of the United States were to collapse and be replaced by some other form of government, it would take several generations before the old form could truly take hold. Likewise, the former Soviet Union, although a republic in name has several generations of people today who long for the glory and greatness of years ago. There are still people in Russia who would continue the cold war today with the US if they could. In this light I believe that it is in our nations best interest to keep the strategic advantage in our favor. As Lenin once said something to the effect of " would not matter if 3/4 of the world population was destroyed, as long as the remaining 1/4 was communist...” it is important to realize that Russians as young as 20 have been raised to believe this. Let us not forget the 1970's when the Soviets had the strategic advantage, and we tried to give them a bigger advantage with treaties such as SALT II. This led to a series of conflicts throughout the 1980's and an erosion of our closest allies. They say those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it. Do we really want to sacrifice our national security for world opinion?

lunarchick - 03:10am Aug 14, 2001 EST (#7867 of 7905)

ledzeppelin 8/13/01 4:37pm Japan may have sent the train to Moscow as an ad for 'rolling stock' and additionally NK now 'owes' them. When it come to scientific whaling votes - it's pay back time.

ledzeppelin - 08:58am Aug 14, 2001 EST (#7868 of 7905)

lunarchick Re u posting 7867

Very sceptical view you have of the Japanese Government, you realise that you have despoiled my vision of this room full of Japanese politicians saying, “no we can not let that nice Mr Kim go by bike, lets be the Mr Nice Guy to day and lend him a train” Now you have spoiled my whole illusion of this new world order and inter governmental agreeableness?

Moreover I have never fully understood or comprehended why one nation needs to munch so many whales each year in the name of science!

One thing you have to say in the favour of the Ayatollahs of Iran and the Taliban of Afghanistan, Col G of Libya furthermore S. Hussein of Iraq, none of these have gone slaughtering Whales in the transparent guise of science.

loola - 11:20am Aug 14, 2001 EST (#7869 of 7905)

NMD and the doctrine which supports it is yet another example of the Military industrial complex leading the population smiling in ignorance toward a percieved safe and gloriouse future. Does any one bother to question the existance of a Rogue State Missile threat?

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