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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 07:59pm Aug 9, 2001 EST (#7833 of 7904)

Russia: The site - - was launched : hopefully the submarine will surface:,7369,534480,00.html

The official site of the Russian Government was launched in the Internet on December 27, 1999. The site is available at: and

The significance of this development is well beyond another official public information channel taking off in the Internet. In fact it means a fundamental turnabout in government information policies. From now on the latest first-hand government news will be immediately available to all Internet users.

The official site of the Russian Government comprises three sections: "Office of the Prime Minister", "Federal Government Agencies and Departments" and "The Press Center". The site reference sections provide biographies of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Members and federal executive leaders. The Ministries' pages contain statutes of federal executive bodies, provide contact details and links to Web-sites of Ministries and Departments.

Daily news updates under the headings of "Official Chronicle" and "Press Releases" are the most popular pages of the site. These pages offer exclusive news earlier than information agencies and TV.

The site is maintained by the Government Information Department, who plans to further expand it to comprise electronic versions of departmental publications, regulations, interviews of Ministers and other top executive officials.

lunarchick - 08:20pm Aug 9, 2001 EST (#7834 of 7904)

Newbies: using the 'search' button will give background on subjects: eg Postol who featured on an Aussie MD docco recently .. and academic freeedom of speech see lunarchick 8/7/01 5:28pm

MD has a white elephant expensive - but useless - aspect.

ekneen - 10:46pm Aug 9, 2001 EST (#7835 of 7904)

NMD (National Missile Defense) is a great plan. The main reason why the democrats are not agreeing with it is due to the relationships with Russia and China over the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty. But if you look at the true facts you will see the truth: 1- The ABM Treaty is dead; Russia has violated it numerous times through there proliferation, by implementing their own TMD (Theater Missile Defense), and also you have to look that it was signed by the United States and the Soviet Union in 1972. If it was still in affect Russia and the United States wouldn't be the only nations bound by it, but rather all nations derived from the SU would be included. 2- US/China/Russia relations have been weary many times. This is not the brink. If they were so concerned about MD then Russia would not have implemented their own TMD and the Russia/China Friendship Treaty would not exist. 3- MD will not spark an arms race. As I have stated numerous times Russia already has their own missile defense system, and therefore this argument is basically empirically denied. Also Russia has increased their Vertical and Horizontal Proliferation since the ABM treaty was signed. If anything it is the ABM Treaty creating the arms race. 4- Despite what critics have said the MD tests have proven successful. The TMD is the main lacking area and it had to be dilluted due to the ABM Treaty. If it wasn't for the treaty then the tests would be much more successful.

SO now I ask you this question.... Why scrap a Missile Defense Possibility, which can save the lives of you, me, and everyone we care about for a treaty, which has been void since the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Instead, why not give president Bush and other supporters of MD the confidence they need to move in the right direction. Do the right thing.

lunarchick - 02:00am Aug 10, 2001 EST (#7836 of 7904)

Cell division ... in Texicution terms is a shared-cell death row address.

Seems it's roly-poly, tumble fall, down-hill all the way, the sum of the parts ( a few cells) is greater than the whole (a person) ...

Note how the President (see how i just upped his status by using an upper case 'P') of the United States has concerns for the teeny-weeny little stem cell

... and yet lacks concern for an amalgam of matured cells unified into personhood

... be it a child who commits a major crime, or a grown prisoner who elsewhere would be re-educated/matured and recycled back into society

.. or some off-shore 'other-rogue' person

.. so teenyweeny plastic stem cells have now become 'higher beings' than regular folk ?

Next Bwsh will advocate 'voting rights' for hospital waste - in Florida.

lunarchick - 02:14am Aug 10, 2001 EST (#7837 of 7904)

Bwsh accused of LOOSING it :,7369,534615,00.html

"Instead of asserting our leadership, we are abdicating it. Instead of shaping international agreements to serve our interests, we have removed ourselves from a position to shape them at all."

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