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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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rshowalt - 11:57am Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7744 of 7773)

N.Korea Seeks to Calm Missile Fears in Moscow by REUTERS

Progress -- on bringing N. Korea into the world, on establishing and widening norms of negotiation, on reducing missile risks, and on closer, faster trade between the Koreas and Europe.

rshowalt - 11:58am Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7745 of 7773)

My entire hard disk was wiped. Perhaps it was an accident. Lost perhaps 10 hours of work, and I'm inconvenienced.

I'll be more careful about backing up.

rshowalt - 03:32pm Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7746 of 7773)

9-12 rshowalt "Reader Discussion: 'Battlefield: Space'" 8/4/01 3:23pm

rshowalt - 03:51pm Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7747 of 7773)

I'm posting these wonderful links from Dawn Riley's MD7544 lunarchick 7/28/01 5:18pm ...: because they are beautiful.

Images of Culture : ... ... ...

Very rich site: ... .. ... .... . . ...

rshowalt - 03:52pm Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7748 of 7773)

MD7562 rshowalter 7/29/01 4:48am made points about the technical invalidity of missile defense that apply with redoubled force to space based "lasar weapons," "smart rocks or pebbles" and varions "death rays."

rshowalt - 04:52pm Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7749 of 7773)

North Korean Leader Vows to Curb Missile Program By MICHAEL WINES

Progress on the fundamental issue of N. Korea.

And, perhaps, progress in key conversations between the US and Russia.

U.S., Russia Officials Talk Defense By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

MOSCOW (AP) -- President Bush's national security adviser and Russia's defense minister discussed their countries' dispute over American missile defense proposals in a phone conversation Saturday.

Condoleezza Rice and Sergei Ivanov expressed confidence in cooperation efforts, continuing discussions that began during the security adviser's visit to Moscow last week, the ITAR-Tass and Interfax news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying.

They also discussed coming talks in Washington on Tuesday and Wednesday between U.S. and Russian defense officials.

If the substance of accomodation occurs, details on what works, and what doesn't, won't matter nearly as much as they otherwise could.

rshowalt - 04:55pm Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7750 of 7773)

But the technical issues will still matter -- for technical reasons much reinforced by research on military hardware in the last last 20 years. We're approaching "the end of the road" for a number of military-industrial patterns...

New generations of weapons - radically better and different from the old, make far less technical and human sense than they used to.

In some key areas, no sense at all.

Some people, and some technical resources, need to be redeployed. There are much more useful things for these people and organizations to do.

rshowalt - 06:33pm Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7751 of 7773)

Russia - N. Korea Declaration Excerpt by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Progress. These words are consistent with an opening up of North Korea. These words fit with accomodations that ought to make sense to all concerned. These words fit into an imperfect world, full of imperfect people, with an imperfect past, where people are nonetheless working to do doable things, and make life less dangerous and more productive, step by step.

lunarchick - 09:47pm Aug 4, 2001 EST (#7752 of 7773)

Tender love and care !

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