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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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lunarchick - 05:13am Aug 3, 2001 EST (#7731 of 7773)

Duty to warn MilitaryMoralEthical-I MME-II

CGD = Central Government Expenditures in constant dollars.
GXD = GNP in constant dollars.
GXP = GNP in constant dollars per capita (indicator of the level of development).
MXP = Military Expenditures in constant dollars per capita.
MXD = Military Expenditures in constant dollars (i.e.-MILEX).
POP = Total population.
FRC = Number of soldiers.
as seen in: Effects on 3rdWorld of Military Expenditure

lunarchick - 06:34am Aug 3, 2001 EST (#7732 of 7773)

Dereliction of duty: HK:

lunarchick - 06:52am Aug 3, 2001 EST (#7733 of 7773)

UGLY yet beautifully orderly: Tuzla 4000 unidentified bodies - Eastern Bosnia

rshowalter - 07:22am Aug 3, 2001 EST (#7734 of 7773) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

Wonderful references, Dawn. And moving images. People should think, from time to time, of those corpses - - and the living, feeling, loved and loving people they once were.

I hope people note that MD 7726 gisterme 8/2/01 10:29pm did not adress any of the technical issues gisterme himself raised about lasar weapon targeting, . . did not answer the question of clarification in MD7672 rshowalter 7/31/01 8:38pm ... and did not respond to the points in

MD7712 rshowalter 8/1/01 3:00pm ... MD7713 rshowalter 8/1/01 3:03pm
MD7714 rshowalter 8/1/01 3:34pm ... MD7715 rshowalter 8/1/01 6:18pm

Instead, gisterme made a deflecting response, off the point if the purpose was to determine technical truth (something important for the real function of real weapons) but exactly fit to his needs as a political actor engaged in a misrepresentation, a fraud, and a the taking of funds under false pretenses.

gisterme spoke of me making "endless repition of what ( I ) don't know" when the technical issues involve simple, broadly known matters of geometry.

Nothing I've said on the issue in MD7712-7715 has anything to do with "private" knowledge -- or technology limited to the 1960's, or any other time. The points dealt with basic facts. Including the fact that it is easy, with reflective coatings, to immunize missiles and warheads from lasar weapons, and the fact that the optics that people can actually build can direct or focus light very well, but not perfectly. The degree of focus or coherence possible can be set out in numbers.

gisterme ends MD7726 with this:

" Remember that things taken for granted today are yesterday's miracles.

That isn't how the progress of technology works. New knowledge makes some new things possible, but the most fundamental things don't change. The most basic things stay solid -- in math, for instance, some of the core facts haven't changed since the ancient Greeks, and will remain facts eternally. The "miracles" required for space lasar weapons to work as weapons are a kind of "miracle" that never happens in hardware -- "miracles" that go against foundation technical facts, known and used for thousands of years, and basic in traceable ways to almost everything engineers and scientists have been able to do.

lunarchick - 07:23am Aug 3, 2001 EST (#7735 of 7773)

! .. Too happy to be Kim's crowd.
Did that guy ever get to Moscow!?

lunarchick - 09:04am Aug 3, 2001 EST (#7736 of 7773)

Amazingly, observers standing right next to each other do not see the same rainbow. Because the light leaving the raindrops travels at a precise angle, a difference of even a small fraction of a degree means that an observer will see only light from those droplets oriented in just the right way !

Beauty - complexity - geometry - individuality - uncertainty - wonders!

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