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Russian military leaders have expressed concern about US plans for a national missile defense system. Will defense technology be limited by possibilities for a strategic imbalance? Is this just SDI all over again?

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rshowalter - 09:12pm Aug 2, 2001 EST (#7725 of 7773) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

We're at the stage of Paradigm Conflict in some key international relations, and must find patterns that work:
MD7635 rshowalter 7/31/01 7:48am
MD7499 rshowalter 7/27/01 11:15am

A key story, with summaries and links. to this thread.
MD7596 rshowalt 7/30/01 7:04am

And a key fact - - nuclear terror is an American invention and development. We have to take a responsible role in fixing the problems it has produced - for ourselves, and for other people in the world as well.
MD7599 rshowalt 7/30/01 7:31am

We need to end the Cold War. Loyal Americans have worried about doing that for a long time.
MD6057 rshowalter 6/26/01 7:22am
MD6370-71 rshowalter 7/1/01 7:19am

gisterme - 10:29pm Aug 2, 2001 EST (#7726 of 7773)

rshowalter 8/2/01 7:42pm

"The space-based lasar weapons cannot work..."

Endless repition of what you don't know doesn't make it the truth, Robert.

I will admit that it would be difficult to achieve with the '60's technology you seem to be familiar with.

Remember that things taken for granted today are yesterday's miracles.

rshowalter - 10:50pm Aug 2, 2001 EST (#7727 of 7773) Delete Message
Robert Showalter

Nice to see a response. You're changing geometrical relations that have been well understood since the Greeks, and some others well understood by Newton's old age?

Congratulations !

Back in the morning.

lunarchick - 10:51pm Aug 2, 2001 EST (#7728 of 7773)

Can't understand why Rice wouldn't want Iran and North Korea to come back into the world .. if it has to be via Russia so be it.

Iran's clerics aren't being moderated with respect to placing women in pits with their heads exposed, then smashing them to pieces with rocks. Or whipping, 80-100 lashes, young people who have genuine problems with alcohol. Bringing them back into the real world - would be the wish of the majority of sensible people in that land.

North Korea - seems to be in need or a 're-entry' - 'hello world' program. Can't see the need to keep isolating these two nations - nor can anyone.

As the Oklahoma bomber TMcV noted ... it's a disgrace to send trained USA soldiers to go and kick the hell out of such pathetic ill equipt dejected people (in that case iraq) .. distrubing him to the point of wanting revenge on his own government.

In the Wynne gut reaction sense it is time these folks were allowed to come in from the cold and function in the real world - if anyone can put foreward the Rice-Rational i'd be interested to know.

lunarchick - 11:52pm Aug 2, 2001 EST (#7729 of 7773)

notions of TREASON

The Constitution of the United States says, in Article. 3. Section. 3. Clause 1, that

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort" see

lunarchick - 11:59pm Aug 2, 2001 EST (#7730 of 7773)

Looks straighforward re refs:

Misrepresentation Fraud

Bad Faith

Duty-definition of

Bad Faith Military

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